You Can’t Say No To Pre-Verified and Pre–Skilled Talent: The Little-Known Advantages of Hiring Genuine and Adept Frontline Workers

Since this is the era of uncertainty and change, having access to a pool of verified and skilled talent bodes well for organisations, regardless of the countless industry challenges.

If you ask any business owner or entrepreneur about the most important component of their enterprise, they will most probably tell you that it’s their human resources. Given the level of competition within industries, the fluctuating nature of the economy and consumer behaviour, it’s all the more clear that a business’ overall success or failure is defined by the quality of frontline workers.

In simple terms, quality boils down to the skillset and authenticity of every frontline worker. Since this is the era of uncertainty and change, having access to a pool of verified and skilled talent bodes well for organisations, regardless of the countless industry challenges.

So, why should you opt for such frontline workers? To answer this question, let’s take stock of the different benefits of pre-verification and pre-skilling.

5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Verified Frontline Workers

The date’s set; this new superstar you just hired will be joining your organisation. Exciting times, right? New ideas on the table, fresh collaborations with co-workers, the potential for groundbreaking innovation from the new hire…all of that.
pre skilled talent
pre skilled talent
But how well do you know this person? Do you have full faith in his or her capabilities? Or perhaps, the more important question is can you give this new hire the keys to your business secrets and strategies?

You can’t adopt a wait-and-watch approach because you’ve already spent a lot of energy, time, and funds recruiting this person; the new employee should start doing what they were hired for from day one.

What you can do (if you’ve hired already) is conduct a post-employment background screening. But, ideally, you should’ve run a pre-employment background check before hiring, or recruited from a pool of pre-verified candidates and then followed-up with post-employment background screening.

The bottom-line, however, is that you must always conduct employee screening through background verification companies or directly hire pre-verified frontline workers who you can fully trust.

And here are 5 reasons why.

Reason #1 Hiring Pre-verified Candidates Can Save Costs

Recuitment is resource-heavy and time-consuming. Organisations all over the world, on average, spend upwards of 30-40 days seeking out talent. This is true for most roles; for senior to leadership positions, the variables are even higher.

And when you throw background verification into this mix where every shred of information about the candidate is thoroughly vetted, the total time to hire can extend to great lengths. Naturally, more tim

e spent means more costs incurred, which is usually a far lot more than what employers can afford.

This is exactly where employee pre-verification can work wonders. If you fish for talent in a pre-verified talent pool, you save time, which means you reduce your cost-to-hire. Even if the candidate isn’t verified, having them checked out by a employee background screening company can be appreciably more reasonable than doing it yourself.

Reason #2 Productivity Up, Error-Prone Data Down

If you’ve ventured into the world of employee background screening before, you know that it’s no easy feat to pull off. There are many credentials to verify, from employment history and ediucational background to criminal and medical history.

To verify, many different sources of information, databases, people, authorities, institutions, organisations, employers, to name a few, have to be looked-up and contacted to corroborate the candidate’s claims. And all of it has to be done in ways that abide by privacy laws and government norms — it can be too much to handle, for any HR.

So, why do it on your own when you can pass it on to an employee background screening company in India that pre-verifies candidates and also constantly builds on and improves their talent pipeline? Why not redirect your time and resources —especially your in-house HR team’s focus — towards other important matters, like employee engagement or company revenue?

With a background verification partner, you can correctly retrieve employee data which can be assimilated and verified before being used for other purposes like post-employement screening or skills assessment. A BGV partner will also significantly cut down back and forth with potential recruits.

Reason #3 Perfectly Automated for The Best Employee Experience

Background verification is not just a hassle for you, but also for the candidate because it’s a two-way street where information is requested by the employer, sent by the candidate, and verified by the employer again. Well, that’s what happens, in theory.

But in the event of an error, inconsistent information provided by the candidate, or more information required by the employer, the exchanges and back-and-forth communication are excessive which can take a toll on your HRs and the candidates.

Additionally, the unrelenting give-and-take cycle extends TATs and creates friction. You can dodge all of it with automated employee pre-screening which means the end of reentries, errors, manual time-consuming tasks, and redundancies in hiring.

Candidates will no longer have to provide each and every detail, every time. For instance, if a recruiter wants a resume, educational background, work history, and a list of skills acquired, the candidate need only upload a resume from which all of the data can be automatically retrieved.

This information can then be vetted by your background verification agency against reliable sources in real-time. Long story short, you build a reliable candidate database and lessen problems for your HRs and potential hires.

Reason #4 Con Artists — They Shall Not Pass!

Jobs frauds doesn’t only encompass someone lying about their credentials; it also includes tricksters stealing others’ identities. The nerve-racking fact is that such impostors completely blindside employers. In fact, some may not even know that they’re being cheated until it’s too late.

Lying about something on the resume is bad enough, just imagine not being able to seek out the perpetrator because they’re a ghost. Who do you blame when the damage is done? Some innocent individual sitting somewhere, who doesn’t even know that his or her identity was stolen?

Like it or not, the employer will be the one to blame for not verifying the identity of their employee. Why take the risk when you can verify the identities of your employees through employment pre-screening?

You have a powerful tool at your disposal that weeds out any wrongdoings from the get-go. You protect your organisation, some innocent individual who isn’t in the know, and red-flag the con artist in the process so that others don’t fall prey to their trickery — that’s how it should be.

Reason #5 Pre-Verify, Optimise, Improve Hiring Velocity

The trick to hiring faster is rapid screening, onboarding, and gathering just enough information necessary for the hiring process. This is only possible if the entire process is optimised from the very beginning, meaning, every morsel of information must be thoroughly verified and passed on to other stages of the employee’s lifecycle.

The idea is to create a streamlined workflow, one that is optimised. And that can only happen as long as the preliminary data — which is enough to screen, onboard, and hire the candidate — is authenticated to perfection.

When you partner with a employee pre-screening agency, they have the means and the connections to get the corroboration over the line, quickly. When you achieve this, you automatically erase the inconsistencies within your hiring cycle, which effectively speeds up the hiring process.

The 3 Unknown Advantages of Recruiting Pre-skilled Workers

There are many pros of having skilled workers in your ranks. Let’s understand the most important ones below.
pre skilled talent
pre skilled talent

Advantage #1 Skilled Workers are Adaptable

Skilled workers are known to resolve issues, or at least meet challenges head on with little to no supervision. They may have something in their locker that may not make sense business-wise at the moment, but can be leveraged later on.

Since they’re pre-skilled, they may have many fruitful experiences from their pasts. For instance, a worker you hired for a field sales job may have work experience as a telecaller. Sooner or later, when you do open up a customer service wing, this very individual will turn out to be an asset. What’s more, you will have one less individual to hire and train.

Their skillsets may have even enabled them to work in a variety of industries and come up with unqiue solutions to tackle headscratchers. Clearly, such talent is an asset for any organisation. The long-term benefit of hiring pre-skilled workers is that they might turn out to be leardership material who know the ins and outs of business.

Advantage #2 Pre-skilled Talent: The Seeds of Ingenuity

Companies today always want to gain a competitive edge; hiring pre-skilled talent might just be the enabler. Keep in mind that you’re hiring someone who has conducted extensive research about what skills to learn.

Maybe the end-goal for them is career growth or high compensation, but they have gained exposure to the industry as a result of their career or monetary aspirations. In other words, they’ll bring insights about your target markets, fresh ideas, and innovative ways to solve complex problems.

Besides improving operational efficiencies, hiring pre-skilled talent may unlock productivity and creativity, not just within them but also within others. When you have a workforce that’s brimming with ideas, creativity, productivity, and problem-solving capabilities, you’re in the driver’s seat-, you have the competitive edge, and the knack for innovation.

Advantage #3 For Business Growth and Expansion, Bet on Pre-Skilled Talent

What’s you business expansion plan? If it’s to spread across the city you operate out of, span across the nation soon enough, and then go global you need workers who are already skilled.

That’s because they’re already attuned to business practices. A pre-skilled worker who has excellent networking skills may open up new opportunities by facilitating new relationships. A worker who has learned Kannada, for instance, will be able to overcome communication barriers and cultural divides. Similarly, local from a suburb with great softskills could tap into his community and identify local markets for the business to target.

Pre-skilled workers may even point out what’s lacking and share their observations which can help fine-tune the product or service — that’s a clear display of their reporting and analytical skills. Businesses hiring pre-skilled workers from every part of the country can lay the groundwork for future expansion. They’ll help you identify targets markets better, understand the communities, gather feedback, tie loose ends and improve customer service in the long run.

When you hire frontline workers who are skilled and verified, you rule out risks and invite innovation. Training and development along with inconclusive background verification is a risky and expensive affair. Are you willing to take that risk? Your call, chief.

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