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BetterPlace Select Workforce Fulfilment Services

We study our clients’ needs and provide flexible and scalable staffing solutions. As your staffing agency, our cutting-edge, tech-enabled staffing solutions find the right candidates and allow you to efficiently manage your staffing solutions, thereby improving productivity and reducing employee turnover.

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Our Technology-driven Staffing Solutions


Swift e-onboarding

Our onboarding staffing solution is free of human intervention. New hires
upload documents on our app for auto-verification and are inducted after
they accept the offer letter on the same.


Automated Salary Payouts

We’re pioneers in payroll automation. Our system accurately calculates
salaries and uses bank APIs to transfer salaries and reflect payment
status in real-time.


Compliance Dashboard

As your staffing company, we provide you with one-click access to all
the comprehensive reports on PF / ESIC / PT challans, employee
documents, and payslips right from the dashboard.

Staffing Services offered by BetterPlace Select

Refocus on your core operations and entrust recruitment and staffing to us. As your staffing consultant, our in-house staffing specialists focus on providing talent as per your requirements, even at short notice. Our scalable manpower staffing services include:


General Staffing

With technology, automation, and an entrepreneurial management style at the core of our professional staffing services, we meet your workforce demands by enabling you to effortlessly recruit and manage manpower at will.



With our team of seasoned recruitment consultants, data-driven insights, proven AI-powered candidate sourcing and matching technology, a rich talent pool teeming with pre-vetted professionals, we grow your business as if it was our own.


Payroll & Compliance

BetterPlace Select is committed to providing top-notch services that will simplify payroll & compliance once and for all. As your contractual staffing provider, we ensure accuracy, consistency, transparency, and punctuality, every time.

How BetterPlace Select Works

Our contractual staffing and manpower recruitment solutions leverage data, AI-powered algorithms and a dedicated recruiter team to end the uncertainty, frustration, and guesswork surrounding talent acquisition.


Brief us about your staffing and recruitment requirements and a dedicated recruiter will be assigned to facilitate hiring.


Hybrid sourcing model

We use both online networks and an offline team of recruiters to source relevant talent.


Screening & Scheduling

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we screen incoming applications & schedule interviews at your convenience.


Employee onboarding

New hires are virtually onboarded after documents are collected and verified on the app.



A dedicated Account Manager is assigned to handle the transition of employees via an induction programme.


HR services

We handle employees’ payroll, attendance, reimbursement processing, compliance issues and grievances.


1. What’s unique about BetterPlace gig staffing services?

With our temporary & flexi-staffing solutions, you get instant access to on-demand skilled workers. In fact, Okay Go, a BetterPlace company in the gig-staffing ecosystem leverages proprietary technology to deploy qualified workers in a short TAT.

  • Geolocation tracking optimizes gig matching and work allocation
  • Proprietary algorithm matches hourly gigs with flexible gig workforce
2. What are some of the benefits of BetterPlace’s gig-staffing model for employers?
  • Access to a previously inaccessible flexible workforce on peak time
  • Reduction in attrition rates of workers because of higher earnings
  • Higher morale of cross-utilized workers resulting in better performance, efficiency and behavior
  • Cost reduction by removing duplication of background verification, insurance and other
  • benefits offered to gig workers
3. How do gig-workers benefit through BetterPlace gig-staffing?
  • 50%+ earnings per hour by minimizing off-peak and waiting hours
  • Ability to learn new skills by working at multiple organizations
  • More flexibility and power in choosing work opportunities
  • Access to benefits like insurance and healthcare
    Regular updates on payouts
4. How does BetterPlace Staffing provide a comprehensive solution to workforce challenges faced by organisations?
  • One-stop platform with a modern & simplified UI
  • Seamlessly integrated central repository of employee data
  • State of the art, real-time analytics
  • Safe, encrypted data backups and downloads
5. HRMS services (solutions) that fall under the purview of BetterPlace Workforce Fulfillment (besides gig staffing)?
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll management
  • Compliance management
  • Employee grievance redressal
  • Attendance & leave management