Ask Your Designated Background Screening Provider these 7 Questions

The kind of employees the company chooses to hire determines the future it is going to embark upon. Building the right work community is crucial not only to maintain growth but also to create a cordial and benevolent work environment.

Who we include in our circle is a prime indicator of who we are. In this regard, the identity of a company rests on the people it chooses to include in its realm. A thorough background check is crucial to selecting the right people for the job.

Any lapse in this step can be the reason your firm witnesses an array of losses in different areas of the business. For this reason, it is absolutely critical that your background screening partner follows the process that has been set for them.

Check out these top 7 questions to ask your current background screening provider to help you protect your firm.

1. How do you ensure the accuracy of background checks?

An accurate and strong background screening needs a blend of human effort and smart technology. The technology allows proper automation of the background data collection from various sources and helps provide analysis and judgement to uncover proper insights from the data. The screening services provided by the background screening provider include:

  • Identity verification: Detailed SSN tracing is conducted to confirm the candidate’s identity. This helps to know the right identity of the person.
  • Verification Attempts: There are no set limits to the number of attempts that can be made at verification. The industry standard is 3. But you could opt for more.
  • Court records: Conduct proper research on the court records when confirmation is required on the results obtained in the database search.

2. What metrics are used to assess the effectiveness of background checks?

Turnaround time and background checks are crucial parts of an effective hiring procedure. To effectively manage the risks of recurring and to protect the workplace, a detailed background check done within a shorter time frame is way better than an erroneous or incomplete background check. The metrics used in the background check include:

Accuracy repeat: The quality team creates benchmarks for the gathered background information’s accuracy. The quality of the information is also measured by tracking the effectiveness and efficiency of the available data processes and how they can deliver quality reports on the background data.

Dispute rate: Tracking the rate of a dispute of information by the candidate as reported in the background screening and the rate of changes made to the background report led by the dispute.

3. What is included in quality educational and employment verification?

Educational and employment verifications could be performed in different ways by using various methods of verification like fax, phones, database integrations and email. These methods increase the chances of achieving a response.

Sometimes, the organisation or person on the receiving side of the screening request does not respond to the request promptly.

The background check doesn’t stop after three attempts to gain a response. The edited background check firms keep on contacting the receiver until they receive the response. It follows a multi-phase screening process which has a higher success rate.

4. How do you help the company with compliant background screening?

Regulatory compliance reminds the foundation of detailed and responsible background screening. Reputable background check firms follow the highest compliance standards applicable in all the state and regional background screening norms.

The firms stay updated with the latest laws and regulations that impact the background screening process. They try to routinely improve the procedures to stay abreast with the state, local and federal legislation. They also stay updated to understand the compliance obligations and the evolution of laws that impact the company.

5. How can the background scarring service provider improve the overall quality of the background screening program of the company?

This mainly depends on the industry and the goals of the organisation. There are various ways to perform quality screening.

For Instance, if the company belongs to the healthcare sector, then quality background verification involves licence verification and sanction checks. If the company employs drivers, then they must include the driver’s licence check and the driver’s history check.

The background check firm works with the company to create a proper background screening program that perfectly fits the company’s needs. They offer proper solutions and provide services that further improve the existing program.

6. How can the firm continue with continuous workforce screening after a background check?

The continuous monitoring solutions provided by the background screening firms include much more than just pre-employment verification. They deliver continuous and consistent real-time roster management and monitoring.

This allows them to provide real-time insights on the workforce’s compliance updates and employment sanctions. This helps the company to more effectively manage the workforce and avoid any kinds of lapses or loopholes in employee verification.

7. How can the background screening firm make an easy and manageable process?

With assistance from the background screening firm, the organisation can automate various aspects of the background screening procedures. This reduces double entry and manual steps. The automated screening procedures help save more time and allow the company to deliver a better experience to the candidates.

The kind of employees the company chooses to hire determines the future it is going to embark upon. Building the right work community is crucial not only to maintain growth but also to create a cordial and benevolent work environment.

As Margaret J. Wheatley rightly pointed out, “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” Hence, it is important you know the kind of team you are outsourcing background checks to. It is, after all, their background reports that help kickstart hiring.

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