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microlearning platform

Stronger Teams. Better Business Outcomes.


Ready, Set, Upskill.

Close skill gaps, improve productivity, maximize ROI

BetterPlace is your single-source solution for end-to-end learning and development. We help you build an engaged, skilled, and competitive workforce through a comprehensive range of innovative learning solutions.

We deliver targeted training programs for all levels of professionals that mitigate training costs, increase productivity, and motivate employees to deliver best-in-class results.

The Benefits


Single-objective focused lessons
for meaningful learning.

Optimise Worker

Course Completion

Timely alerts to remind
trainees to complete courses

Get Unmatched

Skill Development

Foundation skills training for dynamic
business environments

Improve Employee

Career Growth

Relevant workshops and courses for
career advancement

Cultivate Value-based


Help your staff feel valued-enhance
loyalty and productivity

Optimise Costs
Expedite TATs

Microlearning Platform by BetterPlace

Customized,technology-enhanced, competency-based.

Equipping people with skills and knowledge to be effective contributors is
critical for the well-being of any organisation

Minutes of
Increase in
Better learning
Faster content

20+ industries and business units served including

  • Retail
  • Pharma
  • Life Science
  • IT/ITeS
  • Food & Beverages
  • Health
  • BFSI
  • Hospitality
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Energy

Our microlearning platform and solutions empower employees with relevant and up-to-date competencies, allowing
them to build better skillsets to drive their organizations toward success in an uncertain world.

What does the BetterPlace Microlearning Platform for
Employee Upskilling provide?

We've designed state-of-the-art learning programs and gamified learning
solutions aligned to your organization's needs.

Learning Experience

Flexible, open-ended, on-demand,
gamified learning system based
on apps.


Employee Engagement

Gather employee feedback,
recognize achievements, and
promote positive activity.


Learning Management

Plan, implement and assess training
programs, educational courses,
and learning programs.

Why choose BetterPlace Microlearning Platform
for Employee Upskilling?

In today's progressive landscape market, relevance, competence, and sustainability are key for enterprises to survive. To achieve this, you need to provide your employees with the latest tools and technology for learning, development, and upskilling. With over 7 years of experience, we have identified need-based solutions that empower organizations with trained, qualified, and skilled workforce.

Mobile-first experience

Maximise reach with minimal human
intervention, even in low bandwidth



Localise user experience with 35+
Indian and foreign languages



Gamify end-user experience,
improve learning outcomes and job


Knowledge checks

Attach short quizzes and
assessments to collect data about
learning efficacy.


Real-time analytics

Get real-time nalytics for insights,
reports for internal and external


Daily updates & quizzes

Enjoy seamless access to the latest
industry knowledge with shareable daily


Interactive notice boards

Similar to WhatsApp groups, but for internal
use with encryption and deep analytics


Contextual learning

Specific content delivery based on
context. For example, popup content


Live Classes & Calendar Integration

Live classes on ZOOM, Youtube Live,
built-in calendar for pending classes & tasks

Organizations that trust us to manage their employee upskilling

Big missions need great support and we are proud to have global
visionaries support our idea.
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1. Do you provide any content creation tool?
Yes, we do provide an authoring tool where you can create and upload content customized as per your requirement.
2. What are the content formats supported on BetterPlace upskill?
BetterPlace Upskill solution supports Image (jpeg,Png), Video (any MP4 video & Youtube video), GIF ,Text, PPT, PDF and Scorm.
3. Can we certify the learners after training?
Yes, you can certify learners who have completed the learning module or a sequence of learning modules, and those who scored a certain percentage (cut-off) in the post-training assessment.
4. What level of gamification does BetterPlace Upskill provide?
Each module is divided into levels which the learner needs to complete level by level. For every level completed, the learner gains points on the basis of which the leaderboard will be generated.
5. Can we send reminders to the learner?
Yes, you can set automatic reminders (app notifications) for each module.
6. Can I notify the learner through email?
Yes, you can notify the learner via app notification, email, SMS and Whatsapp.
7. Can we distribute content to the users based on the role?
Yes, you can distribute content based on role, location etc.
8. Do BetterPlace Upskill support SDK integration?
Yes, SDK integration is supported on BetterPlace Upskill.
9. Can we conduct induction training on BetterPlace Upskill?
Yes, you can conduct personalised induction and training through skilling module.
10. Can we conduct online and offline training on the platform?
Yes, you can conduct offline training (Classroom/Webinar) including personalised online training through the skilling module.
11. Is there a training calendar integration?
Yes, BetterPlace Upskill does have a calendar integration.
12. Is there a way for the employer/ trainer to know how much time a learner speends on the training modules?
Yes, time spent by the learner on each module and the total learning time is captured and presented in a comprehensible manner for employer/ trainers.
13. Can I initiate a group discussion through skilling?
Yes, you can initiate a group discussion through the "noticeboard" feature where learners from the same group can communicate with each other.
14. Can I communicate daily updates to the learner through skilling?
Yes, you can send daily updates, short updates, etc., through our "feeds" feature. It acts as the internal social media platform where learners can like and comment on all posts. You can also share the post with a distinct cohort of learners.
15. Does BetterPlace Upskill also act as an employee engagement platform?
Does BetterPlace Upskill also act as an employee engagement platform?

We are here to help.


If you have an employee upskilling requirement, need more information about the BetterPlace Upskilling Platform, or don’t know where to start, drop us a line at business@betterplace.co.in or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you in no time.