Applicant Assessments for Staffing Agencies to Deliver the Right Talent to Businesses

There are more than 7,000 recruiting agencies in India. They act as a bridge between employers and employees. The key role is to identify top talents on behalf of brands for different profiles to fill their vacancies. They also ensure that companies do not have legal risks while saving time and labour.

There are many ways to make sure how you, as a staffing firm, can provide better services. Investing in advanced tools is one of them. It can help deliver tech-driven state-of-the-art services. This enables you to build successful relationships with your clients and keep them happy for years to come. This article tells you how to ensure customer satisfaction with optimized and accurate candidate assessments and ensure long term customer relationships.

Recruitment Management Software

It is a set of tools that can automate applicant assessment. This in turn can simplify the staffing operation of an organisation, especially the ones that need big-volume blue-collar workforce recruitment. It offers a wide range of benefits such as resume filtering, scheduling interviews, and on boarding. Reliable and accurate software employs cutting-edge technology to pick the right candidates and boost client business efficiency. There is minimum human interaction and reduced risk of errors. The software is also cost-effective which ultimately helps to increase your profits.

How Does an RMS Work?

Employee verification is one of the major functionalities of staffing software. This will include actionable background checks for employee credentials like employment history, drug use, and education. Advanced reporting is enabled for real-time notifications and alerts. It speeds up the company’s decision of accepting or rejecting a candidate.

Intuitive plug-and-play APIs facilitate seamless integration of the platform. Below are the top features of candidate assessment tools to look for:

  • Police verification for PCC/NOC
  • 22K pin code and 9K court covered
  • 15 types of verifications
  • Real-time ID closures for 99% of cases

These tools create an accurate web report against each profile. Auto-triggered emails are also sent for the verification process so you do not have to do this manually. Consolidated reports are generated in universally accessible excel and PDF file formats. This makes sure that the final result is well-organised, sophisticated, and easily comprehensible which ultimately boosts your credibility as a hiring agency.

Benefits of Using RMS Software

You can offer fast yet efficient hiring, reduced workload of the HRs, and minimum loopholes. Smoothly meeting the blue-collar staffing demands of your clientele can help build a better market reputation to keep the wheels of your business moving forward.

Another top advantage of good candidate assessment tools is that it helps to manage recruitment data tactfully. All information about interested and qualifying candidates can be stored systematically in the database. This way you can save plenty of time and focus on high-priority tasks.

Well-designed software can manage the requirements of multiple offices at disparate locations. This is because it has successfully replaced out-dated paper resume checks and inefficient spread sheets with better-equipped technology. The candidate sourcing and matching system ensure a rich talent pool of professionals so that you can grow your clients’ business as if they were your own.

An RMS tool has simple navigation and is quite user-friendly. It can easily adapt to different types of recruitment and hiring consultant businesses. You, as a hiring firm, can offer a smooth workflow to your clients and rise above competitors. Everything is usually handled in an integrated and efficient manner by the software. You can screen out under-qualified candidates efficiently and also merge duplicate applications with ease.

The blue-collar workforce is fragmented. Manual hiring and applicant assessment may seem impossible and logistics and e-commerce companies are likely to outsource the process. Equip yourself with robust software to grow your business and optimally meet the demands of your clients.

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