Top 4 Candidate Sourcing Tactics For Talent Discovery and Acquisiton

Another vital part of candidate sourcing is to assess and select the right candidate for the job. This may be harder than it looks as a multitude of candidates give it their best.

Recruiting the best employees is perhaps the most decisive step a company can ever take. However, going about it may be a Herculean task in itself. Companies may struggle to find exceptional candidates and may not know if they can effortlessly slot in.

Lower employee turnover is a goal and an asset all companies should strive for. In this regard, a strategy needs to be in place to help companies recruit the right workforce. Following are some simple yet effective candidate sourcing strategies for your company.

1. Alignment with the company managers

The company first needs to align its hiring policies with the agendas of the company managers. The way to do that is to hold kick-off meetings on recruiting.

Sourcing may take place from several avenues. One of the ways in which that can happen is through online recruitment. For candidate recruitment, professional networking sites like LinkedIn are the best platforms for advertising. A few searches should be run in order to determine which candidates are appropriate for a specific role.

2. Engage the candidate

The next step is to engage the candidates in the best possible way by making the job vacancy lucrative. An engaged candidate is more likely to apply, be proactive during the interview process, and stick to the job in the long run.

Engagement attracts talent. That said, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open with the management.

You should also monitor why candidates are not hired. If for some reason, the company ceases to acquire more candidates, it would do well to assess why attrition rates are low. Oftentimes, during recruitment, organisations fail to identify the exact reason why better candidates do not compete for a particular post.

3. Proper feedback

After the interview, it is important to give constructive feedback and ask the candidates about their take on the interview. This is, of course, to determine the future course of interviews that the company is likely to conduct.

Providing prompt feedback and updates on the application process is crucial to retaining the best talent. Research shows that 80% of job seekers don’t follow through, because the recruiters don’t provide timely feedback.

4. Determine candidate’s readiness for the role

Another vital part of candidate sourcing is to assess and select the right candidate for the job. This may be harder than it looks as a multitude of candidates give it their best.

How do you know which candidates are likely to stick around?

Having a strategy in place for the interview process, asking the right questions and putting the candidate at ease are the key ways of determining whether the candidate is job-ready.

Hiring the right employee may be the most significant step your company takes in its growth. Employees determine the work culture of a place and work culture, in turn, determines the organisation’s success. While sourcing, one must remember to choose contributors, not competitors.

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