8 Trends That Tell Us That Temporary Staffing is Here to Stay

Right from working on zoom calls in a work from home setting to hiring employees online, there are major changes that the world of work has seen. Among the number of changes that happened due to Covid-19, the most prominent one has been regarding how employees are hired. 

Humans spend about one-third of their lives performing activities related to their work and careers. 60% of the employees spend all of that time in one single place. That is why it is important to analyze the working hours and workplaces of a company. When even minute reasons are enough to bring about tremendous changes in the world of work, there is no doubt that the pandemic has taken a toll on conventional forms of work and has forced us to adapt to new ways of constructing the world.

Right from working on zoom calls in a work from home setting to hiring employees online, there are major changes that the world of work has seen. Among the number of changes that happened due to Covid-19, the most prominent one has been regarding how employees are hired.

Temporary staffing in 2021

It is now the concept of the past that employees were hired full time and in office. In the past, running a business was all about conducting business transactions by hook or crook. The preference to outsource various services, which are not necessarily a forte of the in-house team, has been identified. Something that started as an external helping hand to the in-house team has grown into its own business and that says a lot about the value it adds to the existing company. Temporary staffing has truly been picked up well by both, the market as well as the workplaces.

Expected trends in temporary staffing in 2021

While temporary staffing is here to stay, there are a few trends that are predicted in the industry in the forthcoming year. Looking at how unpredictable and different 2020 was from all the years, the trends in 2021 will carry a long-term impact of that. Let us have a look at these trends.

  1. There will be more preferences for global hiring

If a company has spread globally, it would prefer hiring candidates across the world. There has been a massive change in the conventional system of hiring and new trends of global hiring have been picked up as well. This not only adds value to the company but also adds an element of having a diversified workforce. Hiring candidates from all over the world is a trend that is here to stay for a long time.

Because of the diverse workforce that it brings to the company, there is a value addition to work. There will be more open views and discussed situations which will be thought about from various perspectives. This trend will continue to exist in 2021 and even beyond that because of the cohesiveness that it adds.

  1. There will be an inclusion of non-traditional services being outsourced

There was a time when companies used to perform all the tasks on their own. Slowly, things started changing and companies started using the process of outsourcing. Now, outsourcing forms an important part of the workforce and it will continue to be the same in the coming year. As the scope of work increases, there will be a variety of services that can be outsourced from outside. 2021 will bring that to light.

  1. Remote work will gain importance

As several companies have started hiring globally, remote work will gain more importance. Companies might prefer candidates working globally and remotely rather than the candidates working in an office if they offer further value to the company. Various business meetings and deals will happen regarding remote work in 2021.

  1. The workforce will get more diverse and fluid

Conventional workplaces are known to have rigid and stringent norms about various things related to the workforce. Most companies mark the log-in time and log-out time of the employees and keep track of their working hours stringently. But as an effect of the pandemic, the companies have learnt to be more flexible with their employees.

As a result of remote hiring and global hiring, the workforce is going to be more diversified. Many employees coming from various geographic regions and cultural backgrounds will be part of a single company that will revamp company culture and the fluidity of a workforce.

  1. Technology will play a prominent role

Global hiring and remote working cannot work without incorporating technology. Whatever plans and strategies are made about the future, are purely based on the fact that technology will co-operate and make it smoother for us. It keeps evolving every year and continues adding value to our lives and our work with its upgrades.
There are two major areas wherein technology will be used: communication and cloud storage of information. There will be different modes of communication for different kinds of purposes that would be used throughout the year. Right from instant messages to formal emails, the modes of communication would be different, depending upon the parties involved in the process.

  1. Market dynamics will need to undergo re-evaluation

Market dynamics, which are related to market preferences expressed by consumers, would need to undergo tremendous changes. The market dynamics and preferences that customers have expressed have changed over the years hence, the market research will also have to be re-evaluated. The trends that consumers responded well to in the past will not necessarily be of any use in the future and cannot be used accurately to base business predictions on. Many areas of the life of consumers must have been affected during the past year which would result in a changed preference for certain goods and services. So, a need to update market research arises in order to get an idea of the current preferences.

  1. Employees will have more choice too

In the coming year, employees will also have more choices in terms of the company they want to work in. Many companies prefer temporary staffing. There is going to be a lack of permanent employment. Employees are going to be looking at opportunities for permanent staffing to make the best of it. So depending on the monetary value that a particular opportunity has and the productivity it adds to their life, they will choose a company based on that. This becomes a very important trend that HR and the company should take a look at and prepare themselves well to tackle this situation.

  1. Independent contractors will gain more importance

Independent contractors who have gained valuable insights from several experiences in their respective field would gain more importance in the coming year. Their skills and experience will prove to be exponentially valuable for the companies which have already been badly affected due to the pandemic. So they would want to hire someone who is experienced in business operations that would prevent the company from sinking.

The business trends of 2021 have majorly been affected by 2020. The work expectations and challenges that the previous year posed have affected us in a way to be on our toes and increased efficiency of work.

Now the trends of 2021 will reflect that but also include the aspect of making the best out of this opportunity. To find out more about temporary staffing in 2021 and to hire a recruitment partner, contact us at BetterPlace.

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