Need for Digitalization in Temp Staffing

Digital technologies are agents of disruption. The worst mistake any business can make is not keeping up with evolving technologies. Ignoring it can land your business in hot water. You’ll either trail your competitors forever or be the cause of your own extinction.

The temporary staffing industry is no different. It cannot exist without digitalization. 

6 reasons why you need Digitalization in Temporary Staffing

 reasons why you need Digitalization in Temporary Staffing

  1. Brand presence

One way to let your presence known widely is through digitalization. All the social media platforms including Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, help project your brand to individuals who are looking forward to working in your organisation. 

Your potential employees get an impression of who you are through digital platforms. It has become a norm for them to visit a job portal or a digital staffing agency to know more about the organisation.

Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that digitalization of temporary staffing amplifies your visibility and global presence for you to attract the best talent.
Digitization in Temp Staffing
Digitization in Temp Staffing

  1. Widen your reach 

You can only reach so many candidates through traditional methods. Temporary staffing calls for digitalization to connect with the best minds and to access the ever-growing talent pool. 

Staffing agencies with presence on social media platforms help in establishing meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who can then add tremendous value by working with you.

  1. Staffing becomes easy

The process of temporary staffing becomes easy with digitalisation as it automates half of your work. 

Let’s talk about BetterPlace for example. An employer with a requirement for temporary staff doesn’t have to manually screen applications. BetterPlace automates the process and shows if the skills of individuals match with your job requirements.

This makes it easy to source the best candidates in less time. Digitalization eliminates most of the time-consuming tasks: manual application and resume screening, eliminating unqualified candidates, handling paperwork.

  1. Working and management

Digitalization of temp staffing helps you manage employees efficiently. 

With features like time tracking and attendance management systems, you get to know the time employees spend working on a particular project, or days they punch out before time.

Also, through digitalization, your HR team won’t be trapped in paperwork and other time-consuming tasks that can otherwise be automated. They can focus on what they ought to do and not only save time, but also enhance accuracy and productivity.

  1. Overall experience

Employee experience matters more than ever when it comes to temporary staffing.

As the temporary employee will have to prove his/her worth to the organisation, the organisation too has to ensure that it extends a fulfilling experience to the candidate in less time.

Digitalisation can enhance employee experience by eliminating repetitive tasks, enhancing productivity, high employee engagement and workplace efficiency.

A good example of improved experience is that of grievance management through applications and online. A staffing agency can handle employee grievances for the employer, reducing the burden and also offer swift redressal to the employee.

  1. Data and decisions 

Digital platforms produce large amounts of data which is an asset. And by leveraging this data, businesses are making decisions that are creating a difference. 

Speaking of temporary staffing, data can enable you to analyze candidate applications. Moreover, greater insights on staff grievances will help you change your policies to attract fresh talent, and retain existing ones.

Wrapping up –

The aforementioned was just a fraction of the true potential of digitalization. 

Now that you know how digitalization can transform temporary staffing, do not wait to incorporate it into your business processes. The best part? The results are relatively quick and clearly visible. 

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