BetterPlace Attendance
Management System

Manage Employee Time and Attendance With Ease


Automate Attendance and Time Tracking

Tracking time, attendance, and managing leaves is critical for any business. But it needn’t be hard. Never clock in again! With BetterPlace, you get an all-in-one, complete time and attendance software that can


Futuristic capabalities to
manage time and attendance better

Join leading businesses and HRs using our powerful, intuitive time and attendance management system to increase payroll accuracy, reduce admin hours and cut costs.


Time = Money

BetterPlace employee attendance and time tracking software can help you save both.
Switch from

Manual employee
attendance management systems


manual, error-prone


Records tracking
and maintenance discrepancies


Delayed Information for
distributed teams


Non-compliant: different
labour laws for states


BetterPlace automated and
online attendance management system




  • iconAdaptive site-shift assignment for individual sites
  • iconOvertime management, approval systems and force logout options
  • iconCustomisable

Foolproof attendance and
payroll integration


Foolproof attendance and
payroll integration

  • iconOffline attendance mode
  • iconFacial recognition and geofencing system enabled
  • iconGroup attendance marking

Simpler rostering, reports,


Simpler rostering, reports,

  • iconIntuitive user interface for faster staff scheduling
  • iconEasily import the previous roster
  • iconConfigure shifts, weekly offs and leaves as per

Real-time data insights and
reports for all sites


Real-time data insights and
reports for all sites

  • iconMuster roll, payroll and attendance report
  • iconReal-time insights covering multiple locations
  • iconDaily auto email alert to manager


1. How does the system track employee attendance?

The BetterPlace Attendance Management System utilises AI-powered facial recognition technology and geo-fencing to track employee attendance.

2. What are the modes of attendance marking on BetterPlace?

There are two modes – Device Mode and Self-Mode – for marking attendance.

3. Can we configure attendance for multiple locations?

Yes, you can configure attendance on BetterPlace Attend for multiple locations.

4. Does BetterPlace Attend come with leave tracking?

Yes, BetterPlace Attend solution is a leave tracking system and attendance management system rolled into one.

5. Is overtime tracking available on BetterPlace Attend?

Yes, apart from leave tracking, you can also track employee overtime on BetterPlace Attend.

6. Can we check real-time reports?

Yes, you can check reports in real-time on BetterPlace Attend.

7. Is shift management available on BetterPlace Attend?

Yes, BetterPlace Attend does allow seamless monitoring and management of shifts.

8. What type of reports can be downloaded via BetterPlace Attend?

Attendance log report, muster roll report and overtime report can be downloaded from the BetterPlace platform.

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