Top 5 Tips to Successfully Get a Job Through a Staffing Agency

Essentially, staffing agencies work as the connecting link between the employer and the candidate. And hence, the agency can smoothen and ease up the job search process of the candidate, allowing them access to the lesser-known, non-advertised internal job openings within the company.

Many job seekers approach a recruitment agency with the hope of getting a job through a staffing agency. However, there persists a common misconception that staffing agencies only offer temporary or entry-level jobs. On the contrary, staffing agencies have tie-ups with various companies across different industries, and they fill these roles as per the qualification, experience and skills of the candidate.

Essentially, staffing agencies work as the connecting link between the employer and the candidate. And hence, the agency can smoothen and ease up the job search process of the candidate, allowing them access to the lesser-known, non-advertised internal job openings within the company. So, let us understand more about getting a job through a staffing agency.

How does a staffing agency function?

A staffing or recruitment agency is a firm that networks with different companies and helps them with recruitment and staffing solutions. The staffing agency acts as an interface between the job seeker and the employer. The agency scouts for eligible candidates, and screens and interviews them on behalf of the employer.

Staffing agencies provide access to a wide range of jobs according to qualification and length of employment. The most common job types are:

Temporary jobs: Employers mostly look to hire skilled temporary employees on a contract basis as per their project requirements. The candidate can learn a lot of skills in this type of employment.

Temporary to permanent jobs: Employers hire candidates as temporary employees and then convert their employment into permanent service if the employee shows satisfactory performance and progress made in the temporary period.

Permanent jobs: Employers hire skilled candidates for their permanent positions. The agency acts like a typical recruiter, connecting the eligible candidate with the employer.

A staffing agency is a suitable starting point through which active candidates can look for a new job or apply for different positions.


The advantages of using a staffing agency or getting a job through a staffing agency include:

  • The service is free

For a staffing agency, the client is the employer and not the candidate. Therefore, the candidate doesn’t have to spend any money on finding a job with the help of an agency. Plus, many staffing agencies already have a tie-up with different employers. So, these agencies work as an extension of such companies and help the bigger companies with scouting, screening, interviewing and hiring clients.

  • They will perform the job search for the candidate

When a job seeker signs up with a staffing agency, the agency notes down the details of the candidate, including their work experience and key skills. Accordingly, the agency will then search for the jobs that will best suit their credentials. More often, agencies have information about different internal job openings within companies that are not usually advertised. The candidate can make use of these newly available opportunities. Therefore, you will have a better advantage of getting hired through a staffing agency.

  • They offer a variety of options

A staffing agency widens your horizons for job search. As a result, you are exposed to a variety of options from different industries. Also, one will find different kinds of jobs at the staffing agency, ranging from short-term to long-term positions, including temporary as well as permanent options. Therefore, you can make an informed choice about the kind of job you would prefer.

  • They provide feedback

Feedback is vital to improve your performance. And constructive feedback from the staffing agency will immensely help the candidate during the job application process. Employers also prefer the staffing companies providing constructive feedback to the candidates so that the candidate enhances their skills to suit the industry.

Tips for getting a job through a staffing agency

1. Be honest
The main characteristic that will land you a job is honesty. Employers want job seekers to be honest with their goals and requirements — whether it is about getting a permanent position, maintaining flexibility, or acquiring skills that can enhance the chances of better employment in the future.

Also, the employer wants the candidates to be forthcoming about their availability for the job position. This helps the employer zero down on the most suitable candidates, depending on their availability. The job seeker should inform the staffing agency about their availability or the kind of job they want.

For instance, are they available for full-time employment or only for part-time employment? Will they be available to work over the weekends? This information helps the employer with their hiring process. Finally, employers want candidates to be honest about their employment history. For instance, if the job seeker has any gap in employment, they need to disclose it to the staffing agency. The agency may be able to find out a solution or tackle the problem in a better way.

2. Take every interview seriously
Employers ask the agency to conduct an in-house interview to assess the work experience and skills of the candidates before the actual interview with the employer. This process helps them screen out candidates and select the most deserved ones.

Therefore, when the candidate enrols with the staffing agency, the agency interviews them to gauge their competency levels and search the right job positions for them. However, candidates make the mistake of not taking such interviews with utmost seriousness.

The candidate is required to take such interviews seriously and prepare for them as if they are giving an actual job interview. Their performance in this interview may enhance their chances of getting a job through a staffing agency. The agency expects candidates to dress appropriately, reach on time, bring their resumé, and maintain a positive body language during the interview.

3. Follow up
Once the staffing agency helps the candidate attend a few interviews for relevant job positions, the candidates should remain in touch with the staffing agency and follow up with them on the status of the interviews. The best and the most non-intrusive way of following up with the agency is by sending a handwritten note or an email thanking them for the interview opportunity and asking them about the results or the status of the given interviews.

A regular follow-up is necessary for the candidate to determine how they rank in the interview process. This will also help them improve for further interviews.

4. Be flexible with your options
The candidate should have a flexible approach to the various needs of the job position. For instance, if they are seeking a full-time job position, they should also be open for contract work or temporary job positions. After all, these positions can help develop certain key skills in the candidate, which will be quite useful in their subsequent career opportunities.

Also, employers seek candidates who possess special skills that are way above the ordinary. And they are even open to offering permanent positions to temporary employees if they find that the employee possesses the key skills required for the particular full-time job position.

5. Be patient and persistent
Sometimes, finding the right job takes longer than expected. Plus, the staffing agency may not have the right job positions available at this point of time for the candidate. Thus, the agency expects the candidate to be patient as well as persistent in their job search endeavours.

After a round of interviews, if the candidate doesn’t hear back from the agency, then they are required to follow up with the agency in a week. There are chances that the agency may not have the appropriate position, but the persistence of the candidate can help them land their ideal job. The candidate should constantly visit or stay in touch with the agency to demonstrate their interest and eagerness to find employment with the right company.

While a staffing agency can help a candidate find the best job, the candidates should also seek job opportunities from other sources. It is better to diversify their options rather than stay dependent on only one source for employment. This gives the candidate a perspective of the hiring process and will make them ready for interviews in different industries.

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