11 Recruitment Tips to Boost the Hiring Process

Typical advice includes posting open positions on employment platforms, hosting hiring events and inviting candidates to apply. Encourage employees to refer suitable candidates and offer a referral bonus, if needed. Keep in mind that you must have an established goal in place for effective results.

Let’s be honest. Every organisation has a different recruitment strategy as they are bound by industry, geographical location, recruitment teams and company culture. One must also consider the hiring time, urgency and availability of open positions.

Although the recruitment procedure can be broken down into posting the job requirement, choosing the best candidate and beginning the onboarding process, there are a few questions that must be answered:

  • How is the candidate aware of the job position?
  • Why would the candidate choose this position?
  • Why would the candidate apply for and agree to take the opportunity?

How to boost the recruitment procedure?

What we see is, there are hundreds of vacant job positions that circulate on social media, yet nobody seems to be a good fit. First thing’s first, you must sit down with the human resources and recruitment teams and evaluate the current hiring process. Once you know where the shortcomings are, strategise how to move forward using our top techniques.

Typical advice includes posting open positions on new employment platforms, hosting hiring events and encouraging candidates from all walks to apply. Encourage employees to refer suitable candidates and offer a referral bonus, if needed. Though there are multiple recruiter tips and tricks that can be performed, you must have an established goal in place for effective results.

  1. Use recruitment tools

Invest in great recruitment tools that save money, effort and time – this could be an applicant tracking system or a video interviewing platform. These tools automate and streamline mechanical tasks so that the team can work on real-time issues.

  1. Include details in a job posting

When most companies advertise their open positions, they often have a long list of suitable candidates’ requirements. Yet, they refuse to say anything about their organisation. Recruitment tips for hiring managers include talking about the following pointers so that the candidate makes the right decision:

    • Job title
    • Working hours (overtime, if applied)
    • Paycheck/salary schedule
    • Paid leaves
    • Benefits
    • Starting date
    • Team lead
    • Apply by:

Also, mention how the candidate can apply and agree to the offer, such as a signed letter, phone call or even email.

  1. Offline employee testimonials

We see employee testimonials on the careers’ pages, but we do not see them in podcast episodes or on a billboard while driving across the highway. Podcasts are popular with the millennial generation, but listeners enjoy the emotion and voice in their expressions, which is lost on a website page. Thus, it is a great way to incorporate your team’s personality, background and current job position.

  1. FAQ section

Several companies receive the same questions from their candidates, in which an FAQ segment answers all their questions before they even apply. Every organisation has a different hiring process, so candidates find it helpful to know about the recruitment process, the time taken to respond and the qualifications needed for specific roles.

You do not want your potential candidates to waste their time searching around for an email address; you want them to know about your company. A careers page is a major recruiting tip that clears up questions related to the company, leadership, responsibilities, salary perks and values.

  1. Advertise yourselves on social media

Most new-generation companies have active social media channels, but what if you had a social media account solely dedicated to job postings? Here, they post information about their recruiting events, employee spotlights, open positions and company culture. Ask your employee to share these profiles with their networks, which could help the company bring in fresh talent. Keep networking with potential candidates on social media, as you have a chance of attracting passive candidates who would trust your job advertisement due to one familiar person at the company.

Though it could seem like an unnecessary investment, it could save tons of money, time and energy. It also improves retention, speeds up the hiring process, reduces hiring costs and engages the current staff in the recruitment process.

  1. Build your employer brand

There are companies that open postings, but the candidates have no idea who they are. Employers must promote their brand everywhere, starting with well-designed social media channels, content, interviews and quotes. If a brand is not at the top of the list, one should promote a progressive and vibrant organisation that pioneers in the field and cares for its employees.

Recruitment tips for consultants recommend beginning with featured articles that speak of company culture, star employee profiles, an employee with unique career journeys, and behind-the-scenes features and work culture videos.

  1. Create company-oriented content

Company blogs and articles are always helpful for candidates who get insights into the organisation, such as the recruitment process, company culture and policies. As mentioned, there cannot be a general guide for hiring at every company, so it is best to remain specific.

  1. Create a talent pool/community

A talent pool refers to candidates who are interested in working with your company but were not selected for the position at the moment. Stay in touch with these passive candidates so that they immediately know when you have a suitable job for them. Thus, potential candidates submit their details with the company, which offers tailored roles based on their qualifications and interest.

  1. Make the company more inclusive

Diversity is a much-needed aspect in modern-day companies; however, most companies do not practice what they preach. Partner with organisations that work with retired military and veterans who want to return to the office, along with women who have a career gap due to personal responsibilities, people with special needs, and formerly incarcerated people to give them new career opportunities.

  1. Visit boot camps and university campuses

Though this recruiting tip has been popular for some years, companies must remember that educational institutions, trade schools and universities are a powerhouse for fresh talent. The best companies have provided resources to future candidates to prepare for employment at their company, which will give you a competitive advantage. Also, do not limit yourself to the country’s top schools. A lot of talent goes unnoticed at the second and third tier schools.

  1. Invite potential candidates

Do you wonder why candidates are often hesitant or scared to take up job opportunities? It is because they are not sure of what to expect, though the company promotes a great work culture. To break the ice, companies invite potential candidates to meet the leaders over lunch, which ultimately makes for an informal and personalised interview process.

As mentioned above, different recruiting tips can be undertaken by MNC, SMEs and startups alike to optimise the recruitment procedure. If you are looking for tailored advice related to hiring tips for small businesses or wish to hire suitable candidates, please contact BetterPlace.

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    Thanks for sharing this post.The hiring process is only predicted to become even harder this year these tactices are of great help.

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    Manav Verma

    Thank you for letting people know about the misconceptions related to recruiters. I myself am a recruiter and I could never gather enough words to answer their queries regarding the myths.

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