Top 5 traits of a good IT recruitment company

A successful IT recruitment company doesn’t wait for the candidate to respond, it identifies and locates your target audiences and then initiates proactive and efficient marketing campaigns to attract top candidates towards your company.

IT recruitment is not as easy as many perceive it to be. It is a complex and painstaking process, which starts from understanding the requirements of the employer and ends with the candidate accepting the offer. There are a lot of ups and downs that one encounters in between, such as prospective candidates going cold at the final stage and not finding the right candidate after an extensive and expensive search operation. Sometimes, the IT client is not satisfied with the performance of the IT recruitment agencies and pulls the plug on the recruitment process.

But, despite all hardships, IT recruitment companies are resilient and show exceptional character, which reflects in their result. So, what makes only a selected IT recruitment companies successful while others are still struggling to hold their ground in this competitive market?

Every IT recruitment business is different. So, there is no way that a “one size fits all” strategy will apply to the success stories. However, after extensive research and meeting with veterans of the IT recruitment business, we have summarised the vital traits that were most common among the most flourishing IT recruitment agencies, irrespective of their size and scale.

Here are the top five traits that a company should look for in their IT recruitment agency:

1. Clear plans and a vision

The most flourishing IT recruitment agencies have a vision that explains the reason for their existence in this business. A vision statement does not need to be complicated, but by writing one, the firm gets a reason to focus. Every employee of the firm works towards a unified goal.

So, what’s your recruitment company’s vision? Haven’t asked them yet? Then do so today!

Like any other company, it is important that your recruitment firm has a clear vision and growth strategy. They will be able to add value to your company only if they have it among themselves first.

The ancient adage, “failing to plan is planning to fail”, still holds in our times. A clear plan will determine how long a company will survive and to what altitudes it will thrive.

2. Effective management

An effective management team that is one that is consistent and lives and breathes the vision and core values of the company. Motivated administrators lead with example and foster a cohesive culture that draws as well as retains employees. Because employees leave managers and not companies.

When you are zeroing on the recruitment agency that best suits your needs, look for one that has a cohesive team. The management of successful IT recruitment companies knows their weaknesses and strengths. Accordingly, they work to foster more productivity for their clients. Most of the time, the top managers are not experts at technology or marketing, so they create a team of individuals who have the said expertise. This way they can meet the needs of IT recruitment.

3. Marketing and technology

One aspect that most successful recruitment companies focused on was effective marketing. Search for a recruiter that employs a proactive strategy for sourcing and marketing. Successful recruitment companies don’t wait for the candidate to respond, they identify and locate your target audiences and then initiate proactive and efficient marketing campaigns to attract top candidates towards your company.

To create a successful recruitment marketing campaign, you need clarity regarding the job openings. Moreover, you must communicate this clearly to your recruiter; this will help them create targeted marketing communications that help to grow brand awareness among the prospective candidates.

Technology is a very important piece of the puzzle. Check if your recruitment agency’s technology is up to date with modern demands? Outdated technology is not only frustrating, but it also is slow and simply holds you back. Successful recruitment agencies take their technology infrastructure seriously. They plan a dedicated budget for implementing technology and review its performance after 12 to 18 months. Make sure your recruitment agency employs the latest technology for IT recruitment. This will minimize effort and maximize the outcome.

4. Knowing the company

Understanding the requirements of the company and its target market is essential to deliver better IT recruitment results. A successful recruitment firm should know the core values, work culture and business plans of the company, to provide better customer experience during the hiring process.

A recruiter, who asks key questions, challenges your outlook, and truly understands your requirements, will certainly help you find top candidates for your company. A good recruiter knows exactly what the company wants and maks sure they achieve the right objective with a focused and targeted recruitment strategy.

5. Financial literacy

One doesn’t have to be an expert in accounting to run an agency successfully. But, they should possess the ability to interpret the numbers and determine the growth strategy. These insights will help a company plans its hiring process efficiently.

A recruiter who is financially literate can survey the job market on behalf of the company and recommend the benchmark salary compensation of the market. And accordingly, help them design a better salary package that looks attractive to the candidates without being too expensive for the company.

Plus, they should possess the control the costs and regulate the cash flow during the marketing and advertising expenses. Make sure your recruitment agency reviews its overheads annually, negotiating better packages and reducing unnecessary expenses.

The IT industry is booming, resulting in the creation of many small and large startups every year. So, the market is huge and the opportunities are limitless. But it requires a clear vision and a proper growth strategy to tap into the endless tech potential. Create your team of expert recruiters and consultants, train them well so that they understand your core values, and then, dig deep into the IT recruitment world to reap its vibrant benefits.

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