The Latest Trends Followed By Recruitment Agencies In India

One of the latest trends in recruitment is creating contract jobs, work from home jobs or flexible days off to attract and tap into a larger talent pool. Bringing contract employees lets the company pick the best talent with specialised skills without the burden of having an enormous hiring budget.

With India snowballing towards technological advancement and inclining towards an informed job market, there’s a whole new world to explore when it comes to recruiting and being recruited. Job seekers now know which companies offer roles in their domain, are well aware of the kinds of job roles provided, how the hierarchy runs in the office, what the salaries are like and even details of projects that the company has worked on in the past. Another fantastic part of recruitment today is the resources that people have through networking. It takes a few clicks and conversations to know how the company’s culture is like, what policies do they have in place, how flexible are they, and how the work environment will be like.

All of this data runs two ways- to help the recruitment agencies have a good understanding of who will be the ideal candidate and fit into the culture of the company as well as the candidates who will be able to assess if what’s on the table for them is really what they are capable of handling.

So now, what’s trending with recruitment agency in India now?

1. Using Social Media Channels

Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram have become more popular to spread the word about hiring. There is no better way to reach millennials than using the social media platforms that they use. A larger pool of applicants can be accessed with basic messages, status or stories in job groups or social media accounts. The role it has played in helping recruiters hire apart from traditional sources like job boards is immense. Tapping this resource has revolutionised the recruitment industry with not just larger pools but also with all the new data gathered regarding these new avenues. Social media forms a considerable part of the recruitment marketing strategy at this point.

2. Remote Hiring Process

While traditional processes require interviews to be face to face from the recruiter’s office, recruitment trends in 2021 show we are adopting other ways and how! Video interviews have always been an option but not well accepted until recently. Interviews via Video Calls have become a widely tapped source with so many recruitment agencies focusing on this as their USP. Assignments via email or on third party test providers, interviews via phone or video call open up opportunities for talented people from remote cities who otherwise would not be tapped due to barriers like travel, stay, costs to cover the same and the like.

3. Flexible work options offered

One of the latest trends in recruitment is adopting the way of contract jobs, work from home jobs or flexible days off to attract and tap into a larger talent pool. Bringing in people from outside for a specific contract lets the company pick the best talent with specialised skills without the burden of having an enormous budget set aside. Hiring a full-time employee comes with many strings attached as compared to contract jobs.

4. Women joining back to the workforce

Recruitment agencies have seen a huge increase in the number of women applicants they engage with most companies trying to bring about a just gender ratio on their teams. In times as these, advocating for women being employed has become a need in a country like India. India sees a vast number of women that get educated but never make it to the workforce. Change is being brought with more encouragement from companies who are willing to take chances on talented women with gaps after education or childbirth. Recruitment agencies use these as a two-way sword to help as recruitment marketing that attracts women and also build the brand’s reputation given it’s support to the Indian female population.

5. Moving to better technology

Recruitment agencies understand that assessing huge talent pools takes up time which is a drain on the company’s resources. To help meet the vacant requirement as quickly as possible, a lot of technological solutions have been put to use. Data Analytics help assesses old candidates, keep track of their profiles to reach out to them for other relevant jobs, systems to automatically screen profiles using AI bots are all coming into play before making the big hiring decisions.

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