Mobilising Blue Collar Workforce with the Right Attendance Management System

Without attendance management software, companies, HR, or specifically frontline workforce supervisors face huge problems in mobilising the blue-collar workforce.

The new labour codes in India will bring a slew of changes in India’s workforce management policies. For instance, under the 2020 Occupational Safety Health and Working Conditions (OSH) Act, migrant workers will have to be provided travel allowance, and ration.

Appointment letters will have to be provided to all workers in a facility. But, with outdated workforce management systems, companies will struggle to provide these facilities to an ever growing distributed workforce.

online attendance system
online attendance system

For instance, how can companies provide benefits at scale with paper-based attendance registers? The data scribed in manual records can be easily lost or manipulated.

The solution? Opting for digitalisation. Below we list details about blue-collar-specific online attendance management system and its advantages. But first, let’s understand why paper-based attendance management has become obsolete.

Challenges in Current Paper-Based Attendance Processes

Without attendance management software, companies, HR, or specifically frontline workforce supervisors face huge problems in mobilising the blue-collar workforce.

The registers are hard to maintain and lack accuracy, which means supervisors don’t have visibility into worker availability. In the absence of accurate information, they can’t plan shifts efficiently, replace absent workers, or deal with any emergencies.

Communicating changes to a large workforce becomes arduous with a lack of an online attendance management process.

What’s more, the process of shift scheduling becomes even more tedious when state and central government policies come into the picture.

All of this can lead to a loss in employee productivity and incorrect wage calculations. In other words, paper-based attendance can deal a severe blow to employee morale and job satisfaction.

An Attendance Management Guide for the Modern Organisation

Companies need a digitised solution for attendance management programs if they want to deploy workers effectively and ensure total compliance in their payroll processes. Here are the qualities of a blue-collar-centric attendance management system.

Highly Customisable with An Intuitive UI

HR should be able to customise an attendance system based on organisation needs. The system should also be configurable for multiple sites.

Embedded Compliance

The attendance management software has to enable mapping of leaves, holidays, weekly offs, compensatory leaves, and more based on state and company policies. For HR, this feature alone can eliminate hard labour and stress.

Centralised Dashboard

With real-time analytics and comprehensive attendance insights across locations, supervisors, or frontline managers have the accurate information to deal with crises.

For instance, they can easily deploy workers to a site where demand is higher. They can avoid deploying overworked workers who are more prone to making mistakes or posing as security threats.

These systems can have the ability for overtime control, site-shift assignments for multiple sites, and forced logout options.

Easy Integration with Payroll and HR Software

Attendance management systems need to seamlessly integrate with HR and payroll software for accurate calculation of wages.

With accurate attendance data, wage payments will be fair and prompt. Moreover, there is no chance of data loss, if the system allows importing of previous rosters.

Offline Attendance Modes

To truly enable accuracy at scale, attendance management software must come with an offline attendance mode.

Workers deployed in far-flung areas might face network issues, and with this feature, they can remain assured of their work being accounted for. Again, this promotes accurate wage calculations.

Comprehensive Attendance Reports

Attendance management systems need to create ways in which companies can track productivity. Easy generation of attendance reports can enable them to look into problematic areas like chronic absenteeism, failure of workforce policies, hiring gaps, etc.

Intelligent Attendance Management with BetterPlace

Sophisticated algorithms and advanced technologies like geofencing and facial recognition fuel BetterPlace’s attendance management solution. This unique system for frontline workers allows companies huge flexibility to manage employee identity, their working hours, and compliance. With accurate attendance records, employee benefits administration becomes easier. Contact us to learn more.

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