Proven Strategies for How Staffing Agencies Can Help Employers Overcome Challenges of Volume Hiring

Hiring large volumes of highly qualified talent can be arduous for any employer or recruiter. The recruiting teams may need to get operations off the ground as quickly as possible, as time is crucial in this scenario.

Finding, interviewing, and vetting these candidates is an uphill task that can take months. However, a well-designed, technology-driven hiring strategy can help organisations ace their volume recruiting game without compromising the hiring quality. Let us see how!

What is High-Volume Recruiting?

High-volume or mass hiring refers to a recruiting method where a wide variety of candidates must be hired in a limited period. Volume recruiters are always in a tight spot, as they have to meet tight deadlines to fill multiple positions in a single day. This makes the hiring quite stressful and baffling at times.

High-volume hiring is more than just bringing many new employees on board. This process requires extensive planning and collaboration within the organisation.

For companies going through a rapid growth phase who need to scale their workforce to accommodate that growth, volume recruiting is a need. But, a close look at the company’s existing resources is required before you start hiring new people.

Challenges of High-Volume Hiring

A high-volume hiring process comes with its challenges of no-shows, interview cancellations, unqualified candidates onboard, offer declines, and attrition. Moreover, they get amplified as more and more candidates are hired, which leads to a negative business impact. Below we will discuss a few core ones:

1. Incompatible with business needs

Due to the massive number of targeted hires, the hiring team may need to meet the business goals. This may lead to the posting of poorly written job descriptions. This accelerates the chances of wrong hires and may cost a valuable business time, effort, and money.

2. Inefficient Use of Resources

Many recruiters may need to use a proper recruitment tech platform. Unfortunately, this may lead to massive delays and errors in processing thousands of profiles. This may negatively impact candidate experience and employer branding.

3. Bulk application volumes

Bulk hiring results in a massive pool of diverse talent and job applications. It can lead to inefficient and unbalanced use of time and effort by the recruitment team. The mere task of sorting and screening can take days for the hiring team.

4. Hire Quality

Hiring top talent with Volume-hiring becomes cumbersome. As more and more candidates get hired, the quality of the talent dilutes. This may lead to lower hire quality and poor customer satisfaction with a higher attrition rate.

5. Poor candidate experience

Recruiting thousands of candidates involves a cumbersome process of multiple candidate reviews, screenings, interviews, and onboarding. This leads to ineffective or poor communication of recruiters with candidates as the turnaround time increases.

Moreover, this becomes the chief cause of poor candidate engagement, declined branding opportunities, and an overall delay in hiring.

5 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Help Solve Your Bulk Hiring Problems

Companies can streamline and simplify their high volume hiring process with a few relatively simple tweaks. Here are five strategies that we will discuss.

1. Has an active mass hiring plan in place

Recruitment or a staffing agency charges forward with a well-designed hiring plan. Such agencies have their data analysts on board who know various companies well and spend time understanding the type of people and the number of job postings you need. Their team consists of recruiting experts who also understand the local job market.

2. Network to expand candidate sourcing

Staffing agencies utilise multiple channels to reach potential candidates. In addition, they utilise various means to expand candidate sourcing by using programmatic ads and very active social media profiles.

They also leverage existing employees for referrals. Staffing agencies have access to hard-to-find talent through the expansive networks built after years of recruiting and developing personal connections.

3. Extensive use of technology

Staffing agencies understand the practical uses of tools and technologies. Therefore, they extensively use software and tools such as social media, the applicant tracking system, remote proctoring solutions, etc. Several software applications can be used in the recruitment process to write job descriptions, promote job postings, review resumes, conduct interviews, and extend job offers.

4. Fast screening process

Implementing technology is the easiest way to develop a fast screening process to handle bulk hiring. Staffing agencies can use AI-based, short online assessments to spot qualified candidates.

5. Efficient Interview Approach

Overall, a staffing agency will make efforts to provide a good candidate experience, even in the case of high-volume recruiting. They avoid a cattle call method to interviewing with a structured interview process in place that avoids any hiring bias.

The Bottomline

Staffing agencies have made life easier for several employers by ensuring a streamlined volume hiring process. You can outsource your challenging volume recruiting requirements to a qualified staffing agency for peace of mind and more efficient hiring. Staffing agencies focus on specialised markets and use innovative technologies.


1. What kind of plan do staffing agencies have for high-volume hiring?
Most staffing agencies start with a concise hiring plan. First, they analyse your hiring needs regarding the existing job market and clarify the requirements. Then, they schedule a timeline to organise the mass hiring campaign and set a budget per your operating costs.

2. The mass hiring process can be really lengthy. How can a staffing agency help me with that?
Staffing agencies predefine a timeline to execute their recruitment process following your company’s needs. This is because they already have access to a talent pipeline that saves time searching for suitable candidates. Moreover, they use a data-driven recruitment strategy to speed up the process further.

3. Can a staffing agency help me brand my company as an employer?

The right staffing agency can help position your company as a distinguished employer to a target group of potential candidates. Employer branding does not mislead people but helps them know the unique benefits employees can get in return for their skills and experience.

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