Top 5 Staffing Solutions in Bangalore in 2023

A staffing company is a middleman between a firm and its employees. They help fill your open job positions by finding suitable candidates. This is mostly done via a reliable HRMS app, which is automated, fast and accurate. It saves you significant time, effort and legal risks while keeping your HR employees free for more important work. Such a solution is especially important for the distributed workforce that is hired in bulk and might need resume screening, an extensive background check and orientation sessions.

After a decline in recruitment activity due to the 2020 pandemic, hiring in India increased by 60% between March, April and June 2021. Excellent staffing companies in Bangalore or any other city can help ease this procedure. Detailed verification, onboarding and payroll can take away precious time from a company’s regular obligations. But working with professionals can seamlessly meet all your blue-collar hiring needs. Here’s a look at the top recruitment agencies you may consider in 2023.

1. BetterPlace HRMS Solution

This is a technology-driven approach that is highly people-centric and covers the whole gamut of HR functions. It can analyse large data sets by applying complex algorithms to deliver actionable insights. Below are the top features:

  • Super-fast verification processes with advanced reporting and alerts.
  • Facial recognition and geo-fencing enabled to avoid ‘buddy punching’
  • Self-service platforms for better employee autonomy.
  • Creates, stores and manages employee documents for new hires and salary revisions.
  • Configurable salary structure and complete payroll visibility.

Additionally, the BetterPlace HRMS platform offers upskilling opportunities to get your workers future ready. The end-user experience is gamified to maximise the learning outcome. Short quizzes and live classes can be attached to make it an even more enriching experience. All of this also enhance engagement and retention to an extent.

2. Alp Consulting

This is one of the top recruitment firms in Bangalore that has been in business since 1996. A robust team of 500 specialised recruiters serve different industries. They have experience of hiring for both IT and Non-IT roles for engineering, BFSI, healthcare, auto, retails and manufacturing. Their work includes everything from pre-screening and scheduling to background checks and onboarding for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. The processes are compliant, transparent and fast. They provide access to an app that helps in tracking the progress of activities. In short, you can find great teams for dream careers to happen.

3. Careernet Technologies

It is one of India’s leading talent providers and has been a trusted partner for organisations of all sizes and types. This includes homegrown ones and global enterprises. Their USPs include leadership hiring, diversity and inclusion, digital-first hiring, talent branding, research consulting and career transitions. They take pride in the rosters of 5,000 candidates and 100+ clientele who have been associated with Careernet for more than a decade.

4. Multi Recruit

This recruitment firm offers comprehensive services including job seekers and employers that make the entire HR consulting process simple. The industries it caters to are IT, BFSI, real estate, retail, media, e-commerce and healthcare. They will work on your behalf to pick the best-suited candidate and fill the vacancies.

A video interview platform helps in:

  • sourcing
  • screening
  • interviewing
  • assessment and
  • talent planning

to help companies achieve operational excellence. The best part is that they have access to an extended candidate network that a company alone may not reach. With Multi Recruit, creating, managing and implementing HR processes and policies are a breeze.

5. Intellicraft

This is one of the top staffing companies in Bangalore who are specialised in RPO, talent management and recruitment. They are well-trained and in tune with recruitment needs for multiple industries across India and Asia Pacific. IT, banking, sales, marketing, oil and gas and engineering sectors can easily rely on professionals. The top services include contract staffing, off-campus recruitment, reverse marketing, permanent recruitment and making resumes. Intellicraft’s unique working style and structure, experienced team and knowledge help them stand out from competition

The hiring needs for blue-collar workers are different from those of white-collar workers. For instance, blue-collar resumes might be focused on past responsibilities instead of accomplishments, have grammatical errors or come in strange fonts. But a good HRMS software can use advanced algorithms to help in the screening process and put you in touch with quality people for your business.

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