5 Recruitment Hacks That Can Take Candidate Experience To The Next Level

83% of the candidates admit that interview experience influences the candidate’s perception about a company. 87% of talent develop a positive image of a company due to a positive interview experience. So, it is crucial for the recruiters to chalk out an impressive applicant experience strategy.

The organizations that have a candidate experience strategy know that the key to improving the recruitment process experience is to regularly audit the process. The trends that can be incorporated for a better change must be welcomed. To begin with, the most time tested and successful method is to treat candidates with proper respect.

But that is definitely not going to seal the real deal. Every organization must understand the profiles of the candidates thoroughly. Remember that recruitment is a two-way street. The candidates must feel satisfied with your company to make decisions about joining. In fact, the statistics say that almost four out of five times, the candidate experience during the interview becomes the indicator of employee experience at the workplace.

So, what recruitment hacks can a company adopt to make sure that the candidates coming in for the interview have a positive experience? Let us look at 5 such methods:

Brief and meaningful job description

One of the points that candidates struggle through in the name of the job description before every interview is decoding a bunch of corporate jargons and giant paragraphs about the company’s history. It is necessary to provide enough detail about the job role and hence you should focus only on what is relevant for the job seeker.
Include the job title, basic responsibilities, location of the office and a small brief about the work environment and company culture- these are the most relevant points for a candidate before they come for the interview.

Optimizing the application

The application process needs to be streamlined and it should not include a lot of unnecessary details. You need to optimize as to what basic information your company must require in order to recruit someone. The information that you can already find on their resume should not be filled in time and again in several bunch of forms.
Also, try to provide step-by-step instruction to make sure the candidate does not feel lost. Make sure the process is smooth enough and everything is clear. Remember that clarity is the key to improve candidate experience.

Frequent communication

Did the candidate get the job? Communicate immediately. Is the profile of the candidate put on hold? Communicate the same without hesitating. The candidate did not make it? Well, he or she has the right to know. So, communicate that too (if possible, with points to suggest where the candidate can make improvements).
Communication is not overrated; it is a basic necessity in a field like recruitment marketing. None of the candidates enjoys being left wondering. If you do not have a dedicated person to do all the communication right away, at least set up an automated email that confirms that the candidate has done his/her part successfully.

Giving access to candidates

The hiring professionals of your company or the board responsible for hire might be busy all the time and might not be there to entertain the queries of the applicants. Well, then the company should appoint someone who will be able to answer the queries of the candidates.

Convenient scheduling

There are many applicants who are full-time employed already. So, there are two things they cannot afford:

  1. They cannot come to your office in the middle of the day to appear for an interview.
  2. They cannot wait for hours in your office when they appear to participate in the hiring process.

So, the best way to deal with such situations is to ask the candidates openly about their convenient timing. Make sure that when you schedule an interview, you do not make the candidate wait.

83% of the candidates admit that interview experience has a pivotal role to play in the candidate’s mind about a company. 87% of the talents develop a positive image of a company simply because of a positive interview experience. So, it is crucial for the recruiters to chalk out an impressive applicant experience strategy for a smooth recruitment process.

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  1. comment-author

    Your employees are often your company’s best storytellers. The question is: What kinds of stories do they have that are worth telling?

    1. comment-author
      Shalini L

      Employee reviews and ex-employee references are something which affects employer brand and reputation. There’s nobody who can talk about our story and our culture effectively than our employees.

  2. comment-author
    Heena Naaz

    Improving candidate experience is a must if you want to win in a war for talent. The current job market is candidate-driven, which means you don’t pick talent anymore. Talent picks you. That’s why it is absolutely necessary for your company to start improving candidate experience right now!

  3. comment-author

    Great..! Very good article on the latest trending topics, thank you for keeping us updated. Thank you for sharing this article with us.

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