What is Responsive Recruitment And How to Deal With Demand Fluctuation?

As businesses are experiencing more fluctuation in demand due to the changing world economic scenario, responsive recruitment provides you with a rewarding experience by helping you effectively wade through the uncertainty.

What is responsive recruitment or hiring?

Responsive recruitment is the process of recruiting and scheduling of the workforce that is both stable as well as flexible, and responds to the needs and demands of the organization. The manpower needs of the organization are determined with the help of critical thinking and analysis of data collected over the 24-hour day and 365-day year.

Why does responsive recruitment matter?

Fluctuation in demand is inevitable

A business always experiences fluctuations in demand. In such cases, scheduling the roster for your staff can be a challenging task even with precise planning. This happens because it is not at all easy to plan an irregular demand or fluctuation in demand. When there is an emergency, the manager usually hires whoever he can find or is available, but not necessarily the best resource for the vacant position.

As the world and national economies are struggling with the challenges posed by the Covid-19, few companies have successfully modified their supply chain to seamlessly scale up and down according to the demand and health and safety guidelines. These companies wouldn’t have been able to achieve this objective with the help from the right responsive recruitment partner.

Staffing solutions involve a trade-off

Most responsive recruitment solutions involve a trade-off. This would not be a long term feasible option for businesses, as asking your core workforce to put in overtime or work for fewer hours can be the cause of numerous contractual and payroll complexities. This will slow down the operations greatly. Plus, this kind of approach can create friction within the team, especially, if the workforce has a limited say in rostering or scheduling. And, you run the risk of losing your team over this issue if you implement this too often.

Employee management tools

Better employee management tools allow your core employees to self-schedule their working hours depending on the demand fluctuations. This helps the managers to integrate their network of a flexible workforce. This kind of solution brings in transparency, which helps to reduce the burden of the core employees. However, this solution is limited to the size of your pool of flexible candidates.

Traditional temp staffing agencies deliver a feasible solution by improving the overall staff coverage. In fact, some staffing agencies can sometimes even manage the short term needs of the companies. But there are a few agencies that can help you a lot more during emergencies like urgent staffing requirements for a short term project. This service is usually expensive. Furthermore, businesses nowadays want to make the hiring decision rather than have someone else hire for them. Most traditional staffing agencies are not able to provide that kind of control to their clients.

What kind of staffing solutions should you look for?

Achieving the right responsive staffing can be a complex proposition, however, the solutions could be simpler than you think. Agencies providing good responsive staffing solutions should do the following:

  • Charge only for the completed shifts, i.e., for actual responsiveness
  • Agree on staffing contracts in an efficient, fair and frictionless manner, even on short notice
  • Manage complex shift timings as and when required
  • Grant access to a greater pool of highly skilled manpower
  • Allow the company (client) to create their personal pool of skilled workforce with the talents available on demand
  • Allow the employer the flexibility to decide who they hire and provide full fiscal transparency

Rewards of responsive recruitment solutions

  • Cost transparency: The employer only needs to pay for the completed shifts. You will have access to the line-wise breakdown of the fees, salary holidays and insurance for each shift.
  • The employer is enabled with real-time integration of the job postings along with all the skilled manpower on the office floor.
  • Assured quality and transparency: You would be assured of top-quality manpower and complete transparency in the operations. You will be able to see the job history of the workforce as well as ratings from the past employers. Also, you will find information about others in the same talent pool as them. So, there will be no more recruiting in the blind; you will have access to information about the temp staff that you are about to hire.
  • Build your own pool: The employer will get the opportunity to build their pool of skilled and talented workforce, which they need for the role. So, you can create a list of the best employees whom you can trust, and then, auto-recruit and self-schedule their working hours for efficiency and better productivity.
  • Total convenience: You will find a one-stop solution to all your staffing needs, right from sourcing to payroll. This saves you time and allows you to focus on your core business activities. Plus, you will have the flexibility to reschedule the working hours efficiently as and when required.

As the businesses are experiencing more fluctuation in demand due to the changing world economic scenario, responsive recruitment provides you with a great rewarding experience by helping you effectively wade through this uncertainty and reap in maximum profits when the demand experiences a rising trend. You will greatly benefit from access to a highly-skilled workforce that is motivated and inspired to create a positive impact on your business and unlock newer avenues for your business.

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