5 Hiring Strategies That Will Drastically Improve Your Workforce

Just as an organisation must constantly evaluate their performance to grow the right way, you too must relook your hiring strategies at every stage to see which are working for you. Only then, can your company be an amalgamation of dream teams.

As an HR manager, your job is never easy. If you think about it, the success of your organisation falls on your gentle shoulders. After all, only the right people take your company ahead, and getting these people on board is all on you!

But getting the right candidates for your company is no easy feat. As per a report by Office Vibe, a quality job seeker leaves the job market in a mere ten days!

That is why you must have robust hiring strategies in place. With the right hiring strategy, you can:

  • Build a superior workforce in less time
  • Eliminate the costs of bad hires
  • Keep existing employees motivated
  • Forecast and plan your organisation’s growth

We believe you can achieve all of the above and up your recruitment game, provided you follow these five hiring strategies we have collated for you.

(Pro tip: Even if you have outsourced your recruitment to a staffing agency, make sure you follow up on these strategies.)

Strategy #1 – Write a killer job description

We’ll be the first to admit – this seems basic. But do not undermine the strength of a well-crafted job description. In recruitment, you are not just trying to stand out from your business competitors; there are a gazillion job postings that you need to worry about on the websites of placement agencies. Only a snappy job description can do the trick.

A few pointers to follow when you are writing one:

  • Be specific in your title – Do not try to fancify the title. It will, at best, distract the relevant candidates. At worst, they will believe they were never the intended audience.
  • Include a gripping summary – Highlight the features that excite the job seekers. Is it pay, hours, culture, travel opportunities or all of the above?
  • Stick to the essentials – Every employee, whether looking for a permanent job or a more temp thing, knows that there are certain responsibilities they have to take above and beyond what is described. Do not deter them with these needless details. Only include core responsibilities.

Bonus takeaway – Mastering the job description allows you to understand your company and expectations better. So, make the most of this task.

Strategy #2 – Focus on your digital presence

This is one of the most rudimentary but vital hiring strategies.

When we are planning our day-to-day tasks like buying groceries or making weekend plans, we rely heavily on the internet. But when it comes to working on our own brand presence online, we take it rather lightly.

Be aware that even before appearing for the interview, the smart candidates will first do all their research on your company online. You have to make sure that your strengths are visible on these three platforms:

  • Social media pages – It is where your future golden employee is, this moment. That is where they will check your company first. Your social media pages should showcase your company culture – be it a formal or a flexible one.
  • Website – Even those candidates, seeking for temp jobs, will go through your website – if nothing, just to get the address. The more serious ones will try to get an idea of the values you espouse, your clients, your scope of services or products, etc. Make sure these aspects find their way into the website.
  • Glassdoor and other review platforms – Companies usually copy their website content to their Glassdoor page. That is a mistake. Your website is the space for many viewers – clients and candidates alike – whereas Glassdoor is specifically for prospective employees. You must tailor your description to reach out to them. More importantly, you have to respond to both positive and negative reviews. This gives the job seekers a clearer picture of who you are as a company.

Bonus takeaway – By building a strong online presence, you will also make your interview more efficient. This is because a serious candidate would have done their research. And you don’t have to waste your time in explaining anything fundamental about your organisation. If a candidate has not spent time looking you up, you know they are not that invested in the company.

Strategy #3 – Rely on your internal teams.

Your employees understand your company better than any staffing agency. Using your own people to attract powerful candidates is a smart hiring strategy. You can leverage your employees to improve your workforce by:
Internal hires wherein you promote them for suitable positions instead of looking for outside recruitment
Employee referral programs that give them the incentive to bring in top-notch candidates
Making them brand ambassadors by asking them to share the job postings on their pages
Utilising their expertise during interviews, since they know the performance parameters inside-out

Strategy #4 – Network in the right places

Of course, you can talk to staffing companies to get strong candidates. Alternatively, you can actively seek them out at industry-related forums, local meetup groups, even Facebook groups. This way, you can find people who have expertise. They may not be active candidates, but their mere presence in such a place shows that they are motivated to advance their career – and you may have the perfect opportunity ready. You can always gauge how knowledgeable they are by listening to how they interact with others.

Bonus takeaway: Such forums are also a great opportunity for you to promote your brand to a relevant audience.

Strategy #5 – Build a talent pool

Sure, agencies provide a talent pipeline as a part of their staffing solutions. But it is also your responsibility to set up one. This hiring strategy should also help you understand where the organisation is going in the long run. Be a part of online communities and talk to passive candidates.

By proactively setting up a talent pool of those seeking permanent jobs and temp jobs, you’re also reducing the time to hire strong candidates, wherein you are not waiting for the need to arrive, but creating it in your organisation.

Just as an organisation must constantly evaluate their performance to grow the right way, you too must relook your hiring strategies at every stage to see which are working for you. Only then, can your company be an amalgamation of dream teams, and it would be all thanks to you!

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