How to Introduce Gamification into your Hiring Department?

Gamification fits perfectly into the schedule of any hiring team. It can drive an experience that is more focused on productivity, performance, empowerment and fun. The core of these talent acquisition routines depend on how dynamic the games are.

In this modern era, everyone is up for digitalized solutions! The use of digital tools and methods has not missed the hiring department. Today, many HR departments and executives rely on digitalized methods for finding talent. In fact, they focus on agile, automated and cloud-based solutions.

A recent study reveals that Business 4.0 Transformation and the younger demographics are all reliant on technologies like Automation and Artificial Intelligence. These are impressive spaces that have created multitudes of job opportunities.

Millennials are always up for technical challenges. This is often considered as a status quo and a way of deviating from traditional forms of evaluation. Generation Z is definitely wired for gamification.

As a result, gamification fits perfectly into the schedule of any hiring team. It can drive an experience that is more focused on productivity, performance, empowerment and fun. The core of these talent acquisition routines depend on how dynamic the games are. In the end, all of the methods (games) used should be inspiring, engaging and motivating.
So, let’s get started on how to make use of gamification in your talent recruitment process:

  1. Always begin with cool contests. The cool contests will definitely attract the brightest and the finest talent. Every now and then, global organizations tend to host programming challenges for identifying true engineering talent. These challenges are loaded with algorithmic puzzles and coding problems. Competitors can be given the freedom to choose any language of their choice. Ultimately, they should be able to generate the desired result within the specified time duration.
  2. VR and AR can be used to attract diverse talents. Few companies have introduced these techniques into their tricky hiring routines. The ultimate use of VR and AR is to find the cognitive skills, competency and agile abilities of the candidates. Above all, this method can be used to understand if the candidate is collaborative.
  3. In any talent acquisition program, the end results of each candidate should be measured. Without the ability to measure results, it will be difficult to judge if the candidate is worth your time or not. There are plenty of games that give immediate results. These games are designed with reward systems that would inform the candidate if they did well or not. For instance, when a candidate clears a specific round in the interview, allocate him/her a set of points. Ensure that the points are given through a reliable system. By the end of the interview, each candidate should be able to figure out how successful they were. Now, many people connect this to traditional marks. Well, when the points are associated with talent acquisition, it would sound a lot more fun and competitive.
  4. Do you know that kids who spend a good amount of time playing video games are likely to have sound decision-making skills? This is because video games are capable of boosting your mind’s critical thinking abilities. And, this is what organizations around the world are looking for. Try to give the candidate a video game, which is based on real-life scenarios. The paths they pick and the solution they generate will help you understand what their true potential is. The video game doesn’t have to be too complicated. A simple gale of Super Mario or Borderland is sufficient to test the thinking abilities of the gamer.

On the whole, gamification can make a massive change in the way you recruit and filter candidates. With the rise of so many sophisticated games, you must not miss the “antique” quizzes and aptitude tests. These are great ways of finding candidates who are under-qualified for any role. With the right questions and pre-defined answers – you will be able to screen candidates easily.

With the war for talent becoming deeper and more intense, it is important for you to find ways of picking the best for your organization. Gamification in recruitment is also considered as an employer branding strategy. It works for all industries, and up to any level of expertise.

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