The Best Approach to a Proper Employee Screening Process

An end-to-end blue-collar verification throws light on several aspects of a candidate. It includes work ethics, experience, general personality, skills level, and performance. The process also helps prove that your candidates are truly who they claim to be. This means there are fewer chances of false identities and fraud. A heavy background check is necessary since studies have found that over 10% of workers present fake IDs.

Manual screening is typically tedious and time-consuming. Traditional screening processes are also incompetent since they are error-prone. This is why people-centric HR software is critical for blue-collar worker management. The best one could be a game-changing solution that can empower the Indian frontline workforce enabling growth and success for your business. This article gives you an insight into the best employee selection process.

Make Better Hiring Decisions

Automating the verification makes it quick, secure, and affordable. You do not have to micro-manage the whole procedure but can rest assured since the results are accurate. This helps you protect your brand, people and profits.

The best-in-class background check can eliminate risky profiles. Automated verification solutions are usually highly configurable for diverse employees and screenings. There is complete transparency in the employee screening process and HRs can receive the finest details within the least possible time. These include employment, education, drug abuse and COVID test results. Reliable software can also provide real-time ID closures for 99% of cases.

A potential blue-collar individual will go through more than 15 types of checks including:

  • ID (PAN, Aadhaar or Voter ID)
  • Police verification for PCC/NOC
  • Court record check (CRC)
  • Address verification

Robust software is intelligent, instinctive, and intricate. You get a detailed web report against each profile. About 22K pin codes and 9K courts are taken into account. This comprehensive coverage is especially helpful for migrant workers.

Auto-triggered email reports are sent to HRs for verification status. Analytics is usually integrated into the platform for ease and convenience. Consolidated PDF and excel reports are sent for all the checks. These are quite advanced with timely notifications and alerts.

All of these reduce paperwork and boost efficiency. It is also a fantastic way to lower the work pressure of the hiring panel. Any candidate who failed the employee selection process will be marked in red. You are allowed to take quick action after this.

A technology-driven practice makes sure companies achieve operational excellence. Use intuitive plug-and-play APIs for seamless integration. Customisations are also available at the site level for access control. You can get an instant insight into the identity and criminal history of your blue-collar worker to safeguard your business from reputational risks. This can make a big difference in industries like retail, logistics, ODE, hospitality and manufacturing. You are less likely to face material pilferage, cash thefts, supply chain fraud, and corruption with a proper background check process in place.

Benefits of Employee Verification Software

There are plenty of benefits to hiring pre-verified frontline workers. Improved business safety and security, reduced substance abuse and simplification of regulatory compliance are a few of them. It is the most important component of a business and helps you know your next telecommuter better. But not everyone can spend too much on the verification process. Good software can run the checks for you and help start-ups and established companies make the best hiring decision.

Learn about the screening process in recruitment and install software that will enhance the hiring quality. You can get a detailed look into the integrity and honesty of your potential worker. This is also a great way to make sure the existing employees in the organisation are secured. After all, one black sheep could be a disgrace to the rest of the team.

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