Everything You Need to Know About Agency Recruitment

Agency recruitment provides accuracy and efficiency in tasks, which makes them an extremely feasible option to look at while considering growing your business and hiring good quality employees. 

To run a successful business, you need to have a pool of successful people working with you. It is not just about getting the job done but it is more about believing in the same reasons and values and taking it forward from there. For that, recruiting the right kind of employees becomes extremely important because, without employing correctly, you will not be able to proceed with your vision.

It is a commonly assumed misconception that having good grades and a degree gets you a good position in a company. But if that were the case, there would not be an entire department dedicated to the recruitment of employees. There are so many things that need to go beyond the qualification that people have acquired, which need to be tested while hiring them. The recruiting team takes care of that.

But what if you do not have a recruiting team as of yet? What if you are a new business trying to set up its roots and grow? Should a lack of a recruiting team result in a lack of dedicated and passionate employees? NO! It is clearly understood that not all businesses grow to keep in mind the recruiting team.That is why many companies prefer to outsource their human resource services, one of which could be recruitment, to professional recruiters like BetterPlace.

When people start in businesses, they may not have the vision to spot candidates who could share the same passion. This takes experience. It takes time for you to develop the art of spotting the correct employees for your business. Till then, instead of taking risks with your workforce, which is the main component of your company, it becomes wise to hire an agency to recruit for you.

Let us have a look at the difference between in-house and agency recruiting.

  1. Difference in perspective

The views of in-house employees might be tainted, which would make it difficult for them to stay objective with potential employees and applicants. In-house recruiters may be biased towards the people who already come with the same vision.

When you opt for agency recruitment, it is those people who understand which of the applicants might be able to sustain with their enthusiasm and who, despite sharing the vision, might get tired in a short time.

While the in-house recruiters might be looking for the vision and the same attitude, it takes an agency recruitment professional to understand that aptitude of the employees, which can be developed with experience.

  1. Accurate and rapid service

There is no in-house team dedicated only to recruitment. The in-house team also takes care of other HR tasks. That would create a difference in the priorities of those professionals and there could be discrepancies there.

In such cases, hiring an agency for recruitment turns out to be beneficial since it will take care of an entire HR aspect, leaving the rest to the in-house team. This improves the quality of work, ensuring accurate delivery and rapid services.

  1. Technical and organizational understanding

People who are new in business might not necessarily have an understanding of reading people. It may take the experience of a certain number of years for them to be able to understand the technicalities related to the recruitment of the people.

While in-house recruiters would only be looking at the technical understanding that is needed for their particular field of work, agency recruiters would have an understanding of organisational elements too that would benefit the company in the long run.

  1. Costs incurred

The cost incurred by the company to train an in-house team for recruitment and then getting it done from them is much higher than simply hiring an agency to recruit the team for you. This not only saves a lot of revenue but also sources quality services at the specified costs. Plus, involving an in-house team in recruiting too means compromising their other work, which may hamper the organization’s work at large.

  1. Difference in approach

When an in-house team is provided with job descriptions that they are recruiting for, they only look at the technical requirements of the job while hiring. But when the agency is taking care of it, they would also have an understanding of the soft skills that would accompany the technical skills in order to flourish in the job.

There might be times when agency recruiters prefer employees having better soft skills than technical skills. Because development in technical skills is possible with the correct kind of soft skills. That brings a huge shift in the approach followed by two different kinds of people hiring.

  1. Less biased

As mentioned earlier, the agency recruiters recruit only for one of their clients whereas an in-house team recruits for their own company. So there are going to be biases and judgements that would come into play while making decisions. The agency recruiters can bring some amount of objectivity in the process.

Advantages of agency recruiting

After having looked at the difference between in-house and agency recruiting, the following advantages of agency recruitment can be taken into account:

  1. Faster work

Agency recruitment is dedicated only to recruiting and meeting HR compliances, hence, finishes work faster than an in-house team.

  1. High-quality recruits

Having a better understanding of what to look for in the employees, agency recruiters can hire high-quality recruits.

  1. Specialized recruiters

There could be specialised recruiters in the agency team for specific demands that the company may have.

  1. Client-focused recruiting

Agencies recruit people based on client requirements and specifications so that the reputation of a company is sustained.

  1. Based on market studiesg

Agency recruiters are aware of current market trends and hire keeping that in mind as well.

  1. Extended pool

The recruiters have an extended pool of employees that can be considered for recruitment. In that way, there is no need to choose the best from existing applicants if they do not match the expectations of the company.

Agency recruitment provides accuracy and efficiency in tasks, which makes them an extremely feasible option to look at while considering growing your business and hiring good quality employees. For further queries, contact us at BetterPlace.

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