4 Ways to Attract Top Talent to Your Organisation

A competitive job market makes attracting talented employees much harder than usual. So, how can an employer attract talent that seamlessly fits into the work culture and is able to perform well too? Let us look at these simple ways which can help an employer in attracting the best talent to their organisation.

One question that constantly plagues any employer’s mind — how to attract talent? After all, it is the great employees who maketh the company great.

Attracting and retaining top talent has become a critical issue in this competitive job market. It has become harder than ever to attract the best talent to your organisation. This is because employees today seek more than a better pay package to be associated with a company. Plus, a competitive job market makes attracting talented employees much harder than usual. So, how can an employer attract talent that seamlessly fits into the work culture and is able to perform well too? Let us look at these simple ways which can help an employer in attracting the best talent to their organisation.

1. Create an employee profile

Many companies focus a considerable amount of their resources in creating an ideal customer profile. No doubt, it helps them target the right audience, which generates favourable results. But they fail to put that same effort while selecting their employees.

By creating an ideal profile of the employees, you know what you exactly want. It helps you identify your target audience and your potential candidates. When you know who fits the profile, you can create a focussed strategy to approach and attract them to your company.

An ideal candidate profile enables you to figure out your job requirements and the kind of skills that the ideal candidate should possess. This information helps you hunt for the right candidate. After all, you don’t just want to hire candidates, but you also want them to succeed in their endeavours. This is the secret of a healthy organisation.

Check whether the candidate fits with the culture of the company and if they will be able to survive and thrive in this company culture. If you create a list of “must-haves”, it will help you inch closer to discovering the right employee. Plus, an ideal profile will save you the endless time and resource spent on assessing and reviewing indiscriminate job applications.

An ideal candidate profile will also help you customise your interview process to identify and assess the candidates on the core skills and expertise required for the job.

2. Create an employee-centric work culture

Employees are the real assets of an organisation. So the employer should focus on creating a work environment that values their hard work and dedication. You start by considering what your employees truly want. For instance, most employees appreciate a good work-life balance, value a flexible work schedule with certain conditions, and keenly look for learning and development opportunities through potential promotions or on-the-job training.

So, focus on creating an atmosphere that invites such activities into the employee work culture. Today’s companies rarely focus on their offerings beyond pay, and that is why they fail miserably at recruiting and retaining top talent. The modern workforce wants to feel more valued. So, recognise and appreciate the hard work of your employees through employee rewards and recognition programs, healthy work environments and performance bonuses.

Focus on activities like gym and yoga activities, games and competitions between teams, and outdoor team building activities. These activities will not just boost employee engagement, but will also help you build a great brand image, which inevitably helps in attracting top talent into your company.

3. Talent attracts talent

Never underestimate the power of your existing employees with recruiting. Your employees are your biggest value proposition, which you can leverage for attracting the best talent to your company.

A happy employee stays longer with the company. Plus, they also share their happiness-at-work within their social network. This builds a great brand image and attracts potential candidates towards your company.

Employees know what the requirements of the job are, and hence, they can help you find the right candidates for the position, which will save your time and effort in looking for them. Thus, your recruitment efforts will become more efficient, delivering favourable results.

Involve your employees in active recruiting by running various employee referral incentives and programs that motivate your employees in helping you find the right candidates. You can consider rewards, such as bonuses, cash gift cards or extra days offs.

The objective should be to make the program more lucrative for the employees so that you achieve your desired result by leveraging their happiness and commitment towards your company.

4. Market your organisation

The recruiting process is also a great platform to market your firm to your potential employees. Not only does it help in attracting potential employees, but it is also a great platform to showcase your benefits and to sell the unique features of the company.

Remember — most candidates look for much more than monetary benefits to leave their existing workplace for a new company. So, create and promote a kind of workplace that would attract top employees. For instance, if you are a travel company and want to attract employees who like travelling, then focus your recruitment efforts on offering perks to potential employees, such as sponsored camping expeditions.

Ensure that the marketing efforts are linked with the kind of candidate you want to attract and the job role. If you clearly determine your needs and wants, you will be able to execute your recruitment efforts in a better way.

Many new startups, especially the ones in the eCommerce and the software domain, employ various methods such as free coupons and perks as an effective way of hiring employees. But eventually, they reach an impasse. People seek something besides mere perks and coupons to join a company.

Simply offering benefits will not make a difference; you must strive to build a unique work environment for the benefits to hold any weight. Highlight the positives of your company and compare it with your competitors. Give your prospective candidates a reason why they should join your company. This is a more constructive approach to recruiting. Further, it also helps to build a great brand image that can persuade even the passive candidates to come over to your side.

These are the top four ways that will help you with attracting talent to your company. The job market today is competitive. So, to survive and to get the best employees, you must imbibe the qualities that will attract your talent. This is the most strategic way of recruiting rather than running behind employees, trying to persuade them to join your company.

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