Top 5 Strategies for Hiring Contract Employees

Companies are increasingly opting for project-based contract employment rather than permanent full-time employment, as it saves costs and brings in more efficiency into project development. Therefore, highly skilled contract employees are in demand among technology companies.

In the last decade, the employment ecosystem has undergone a huge transformation. It has experienced increasing changes in generational diversity as well as recruitment models with the influx of latest technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These innovative technologies have changed the way companies recruit their staff.

These technologies require specialised skills, which have necessitated the recruitment of specialised staff depending on the project requirement. This kind of project-based requirement has compelled many companies to rethink their recruitment strategies into hiring specialised skilled employees only when their project demands such a requirement, instead of spending their resources on hiring them for the long term. Plus, such specialised skilled employees are by far and few and come with a hefty price tag, making them unaffordable to many startups or medium-level companies.

It is in such cases where contractual employment comes into the picture — to fulfil the project requirement of small and medium-level companies by allowing them access to workforce skilled in a particular niche for a predetermined limited period. This way, both the company and the contract employee are legally bound for only the term of the contract, beyond which both parties are free of any liabilities or obligations to the other.

Now, how does a company get its hand on the best contract talent available in the market? Let us check out the top five recruitment strategies companies should implement for hiring contract employees.
contractual employment
contractual employment

1. Approach a staffing company.

A staffing company can greatly reduce your hiring burden for contractual employment. Staffing companies usually have a vast resource of skilled workforce available at any given point of time, which considerably lessens the cost and time for hiring contract employees for the project. They can offer you a high-quality talent pool tool to choose from. Furthermore, they can create an effortless onboarding process for the new employees as they are already well aware of the recruiting process. Staffing companies also conduct comprehensive background checks of employees before recruitment to ensure the best-fit candidates join the workforce. Moreover, partnering with a good staffing agency allows a seamless recruitment process, which further enhances the brand value of the employer.

2. Build effective communication.

While hiring for contractual employment, provide a clear and precise job description for the project in different job listings and portals. Doing so will build candidate engagement in your advertisement and will lead to more inquiries from better candidates. It will help you with efficient recruitment.

Moreover, upon hiring the contract employee, you must establish a transparent communication channel between the company and the employee. The employer should be approachable and always available to meet the concerns and requirements of the employees. Such behaviour will ensure a cohesive work atmosphere which will eventually result in the timely delivery of the project.

Hence, establishing a proper communication channel during recruitment and onboarding will spread a positive message in the job market which will allow you to attract more high-quality candidates towards your company, creating a self-sustaining cycle of recruitment and employee satisfaction.

3. Obtain and analyse data insights.

In this highly digitised world, data rules the roots. While hiring contract employees, you should strive to get helpful, actionable insights into the recruitment process with the help of intelligent metrics analysis. These metrics contain information about the source, cost and time required for each successful hire. They also display information about retention rates, the ratio of job postings to the number of applicants, length of time from application to acceptance of the offer, email response rate, and the quality of candidates hired as per their performance. All these factors form a significant aspect of achieving a successful recruitment strategy based on real-time information.

4. Implement the changes.

Change and innovation is key to a successful recruitment strategy. And when hiring contract employees, you should be open to new recruiting ideas and be far more innovative with your process to attract the best talent in the industry. The key lies in transforming your system, technology and processes to meet the changing requirement of the industry. Worldwide, the recruitment industry has adopted certain key changes in their recruitment strategy to save time on mass hires and only select the most focused and skilful candidates from the lot.

Implementing such changes will help you stay abreast with the latest trends and hire the best candidates for the job, resulting in better efficiency and more productivity. It will lead to better project delivery timings, resulting in happy clients and overall, a positive client experience.

5. Utilise niche job portals.

Job portals are one of the best ways to find top talent for your job position. And niche job portals offer you access to a high-quality talent pool they have on offer. You can also make use of social job sites such as Linkedin, which provide more comprehensive details about the candidates, providing you with better insights on their credentials. Getting this information helps you in making the right hiring decisions for a company.

Employers can also make comprehensive use of social media while hiring for contractual employment, as this medium will give them the maximum outreach and will allow the employers access to the social circle of their target audience. It will enable them to share targeted job ads on social media platforms for their target audience to gain the maximum traction from top talents.

Technology is driving a rapid change in the employment market. Employment has become more project-based than company based. Companies are increasingly opting for project-based contract employment rather than permanent full-time employment, as it saves costs and brings in more efficiency into project development. Therefore, highly skilled contract employees are in demand among technology companies.

You must focus on creating an effective recruitment strategy to tap into the huge resource of contractual employment to find the right employees for your project. You can take the assistance of staffing agencies while hiring contract employees. These recruitment strategies will certainly help you latch on to the right talent amidst the increasing demand for contractual workforce.


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