4 Sure-Fire Ways to Recruit Millennials and Gen Zs

Companies need to master strategies that would help them tap into the talent pool from this generation. According to experts, hiring millennials and gen z is an art. It is a strategic process, which needs to be planned and improved.

By definition, millennials are people born between in the eighties and nineties. Most of this population have finished their studies, and are out looking for jobs.

By the end of 2030, the percentage of millennials in any industry would have increased by 65%. Thus, companies need to master strategies that would help them tap into this generation. According to experts, hiring millennials and gen z is an art. It is a strategic process, which needs to be planned and improved.

Here are a few ways you can go about it.

#1 Social Media Recruitment

Unlike Generation X or baby boomers, millennials look for jobs online. In fact, most of them search for jobs using their mobile devices. This is why companies should step up their social media recruitment game.

Using social media to find talent within Generation Z is not difficult. It takes crafting the right profiles and perfect job descriptions. Above all, it should reach the right people. This is where social media pages like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Instagram can help.

Ensure that your profiles are always up to date. And, be specific about what you want. Above all, make the recruiting process extremely interesting. Millennials won’t budge if your talent recruitment methods are old and boring. Also, ensure that your online efforts are optimized for mobile devices.

#2 Focus on the present, prep for the future

Time horizons work differently for millennials and baby boomers. You need to appreciate this time difference. This is why companies must focus on roles and opportunities they have at the moment. It is important to ensure that the opportunities are relevant to the industry too.

Let’s understand this with an example: If you are planning to hire a UI Developer, don’t talk about obsolete technologies, or ones that are yet to come. Instead, focus on trending key languages and profiles like JavaScript or ReactJS.

When you recruit for what is trending in the industry, you are bound to attract the millennials. Recruitment and selection process with millennials should be a short-term approach. If you talk to the millennial generation about spending a lifetime in a specific role or company, it will scare them away. This is why most companies keep their recruitment strategies simple and for a shorter span of time.

#3 Form a community

Do you know that Gen Z always wants to be a part of a group? This is one of the primary reasons why social media networking is on the rise. It helps the generation stay connected and stick to groups. Your recruitment and employer brand strategy should speak otherwise. Irrespective of how you received the details of the candidate, you must ensure that the recruitment drive is engaging and entertaining. The candidates should appreciate your overall talent selection process. After all, news about your recruitment and selection method will spread around in social media networks.

Many experienced companies work on their recruitment methods as a part of their employer brand strategy. It makes a big difference in how the world, and especially, Generation Z see them.

#4 Perks and Rewards

When speaking about perks and rewards to Gen Z, remember about employer brand values. And, always be aware of who you are discussing. Most of the millennial population considers traditional perks as an afterthought. They don’t expect you to forgo perks such as insurance and retirement support. Instead, they crave wellness programs, recreational benefits and ways of contributing to a sustainable community. These mean a lot to the millennial population.

Generation Y is known for having debts and high unemployment rates. So, you don’t have to miss on the topic like insurance and retirement. What you need to do is change the top priorities of your perks and rewards. This is mainly because Gen Z is socially driven, experience-oriented and conscious about health.

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