Top 10 Useful Tools to Help You Generate Ideal Pre-Employment Assessments

Pre-employment assessment tools are important for businesses as it allows them to conduct effective candidate assessment and helps them discover the best fit candidate for open job positions. These tools help companies bypass intuition, biased judgement and make decisions purely on the performance and skills of the candidate.

A majority of the companies and staffing providers like BetterPlace use different software and technology tools to conduct pre-employment testing of their prospective candidates to evaluate their critical competencies in order to get the right candidate for an open job position within the company. These pre-employment testing tools are available in various sizes and shapes ranging from skill and personality assessments to social skills, culture fit any many more.

In this blog, let us check out the top 10 pre-employment testing tools that would be ideal for your organization.

  1. Harver

Harver creates AI-generated pre-employment evaluation tools which are used by the world’s successful brands. Their exclusive AI algorithm applies science and data to predict the type of candidate by measuring their aptitude, soft skills, culture fit qualities, and their ability to find success and grow in their careers.

This technology offers entirely customizable recruiting packages that include a wide variety of assessments. You could add images, videos, and judgement games, etc to the tool.

The Harver tool is used by Netflix, KPMG, UIPath,

Pricing: The pricing of Harver is set based on its usage, i.e., the number of applicants and assessments. The pricing is mostly on request and it differs from company to company.

  1. Interview Mocha

Interview Mocha tool is an internet-based skill-testing platform to create quick and simple pre-hiring screenings for companies. The test library of Interview Mocha consists of multiple assessments for coding, aptitude, finance, business skills among others.

The online platform of the tool contains numerous different testing templates which could be integrated with your company-specific questions to build a unique assessment.

Prominent companies such as Altran, CapGemini, and Gartner, among others use this assessment tool.

Pricing: This tool comes with different pricing options based on the number of users, custom tests, and test attempts that you would want for your company.

  1. Vervoe

The Vervoe tool is a smart pre-employment assessment platform that helps unearth hidden talent via the Talent Trials activity designed by top industry experts. This online tool helps change the focal point from determining whom to interview extending to determining how one performs in an interview, by allowing everyone to take the interview.

Vervoe provides you with an all-encompassing view of prospective candidates via aptitude testing and integrated skills.

The Vervoe tool is used by F45, Markit, etc.

Pricing: The Vervoe tool has 3 different price models depending on the number of hires done every year.

  1. HackerRank

The HackerRank tool is recognised as a technology recruitment platform, which is used as the standard to evaluate the skills of developers. This online tool is utilised by numerous technology organizations around the globe. This tool enables tech hiring managers and recruiters to objectively assess talent at each step of the hiring process.

The most unique aspect about the HackerRank tool is that every 9 seconds someone completes a pre-employment assessment on this platform.

The HackerRank pre-employment testing tool is used most commonly by Badoo, Dell, Goldman Sachs, and GoDaddy companies.

Pricing: HackerRank tool offers 14 days of free trial for first-time users. The price for the premium version is made available only when requested.

  1. HireVue

HireVue tool is a popular video assessment and interviewing software service which helps global companies attain a competitive edge over their competitors in this modern talent market. The software combines the video interviews along with validated and predictive I-O science as well as artificial intelligence.

The unique feature of HieVue is its expertise in providing video interview software solutions that combine game based pre-employment assessments with artificial intelligence and I-O science.

Major companies that use the HireVue tool include Vodafone, Qantas and Tiffany among others.

Pricing: The pricing is made available only when requested.

  1. Pymetrics

The Pymetrics tool implements various neuroscience games combined with modern AI to transform the way organizations attract, retain and select talent. This tool suggests the right candidate for a job while providing a level playing field to every candidate.

The unique and interesting feature of Pymetrics is that the rejected candidates could automatically match different opportunities with other companies that apply the Pymetrics.

This unique feature sets the Pymetrics apart from other pre-employment assessment tools.

Major companies that use Pymetrics include Accenture, Linkedin, Unilever and Tesla.

Pricing: The pricing of this software is made available when requested.

  1. Criteria Corp

Criteria Corp is a paramount pre-employment evaluation software service provider. Hire Select is their SaaS solution, which enables companies to efficiently manage their human assets. They offer pre-employment evaluation tools that will increase the efficiency of employee retention and the selection process.

The most unique feature of Criteria is that it focuses on creating a tool that contains innovative multidimensional assessments which are precise while delivering user-friendly and highly accessible solutions.

Major companies that use this tool include MedUSA, US Agriculture Department, Dominos Pizza.

Pricing: Quite unlike other pre-employment testing service providers, the Criteria clients do not need to pay any fees for the test. Rather they need to pay a fee annually that is dependent on the scale and size of the company.

  1. AssessFirst

The AssessFirst tool helps organizations hire committed and high performing employees. The firm used to initially focus on only the behavioural aspect of the candidate for evaluation. Now, they are the leader in providing predictive recruitment solutions based on the potential analysis.

The unique feature of the AssessFirst tool is that it can be used by every kind of business, irrespective of their scale and size, their profile and their industry.

Major companies that use the AssessFirst tool include: Olympus, Inditex and AirFrance

Pricing: AssessFirst comes with different models of pricing, depending on the scale and size of the organization and the number of tool users in the organization.

  1. Soft Factors

Soft Factors is the cloud-based hiring solutions provider that compares and measures resumes with soft skills. Soft skills are an integral aspect of the recruiting process and equipped along with the solutions by Soft Factor, you could effectively use the analytics and soft skills to transform the recruitment process.

The unique feature of Soft Factors is that it extensively analyses the soft skills of the candidates: what motivates the candidates, how are they interacting with coworkers, how are they dealing with uncertainty and conflict.

The major companies that use the Soft Factors pre-employment assessment tool include Swiss Rs, Varian Medical Systems and Nord Stream 2.

Pricing: Soft Factors has different pricing packages which are mainly available as per the request of the company.

  1. Xobin Interact

The Xobin Interact tool provides pre-employment evaluation software suits for different online coding assessments, general aptitude and tests for analytical ability. This software allows organizations to validate the required job skills, streamline the recruitment process and shorten the hiring time.

The unique feature about the Xobin Interact tool is that it interacts with the recruitment cycle of the company and brings it down to almost 50 hours from the erstwhile 160 hours.

Major companies that use the Xobin Interact software include HCL, Taxgenie and Total Cloud.

Pricing: The Xobin Interact comes with different models in pricing depending on the usage and the number of assessment invites you send in a year.

Pre-employment assessment tools are important for businesses as it allows them to conduct effective candidate assessment and helps them discover the best fit candidate for open job positions. These tools help companies bypass intuition, biased judgement and make decisions purely on the performance and skills of the candidate.


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