HRMS Functions for Effective Blue-Collar Worker Engagement

Blue-collar workers jump jobs far too often. The attrition rate in most verticals, like warehousing, power plant operations, commercial fishing, food processing, landscaping and mining, ranges between 40% to a whopping 300%. This is mostly because frontline workers desire more flexible hours and benefits. What is even more alarming is that 78% quit their jobs because they do not feel they are an important part of the company. The absence of engagement can significantly hamper their productivity and, in turn, the efficiency of your business. For example, there could be higher instances of careless errors or the inability to adhere to job guidelines or manager expectations.

It has become increasing important to take the ‘blues’ away from your blue-collar employees and make sure they feel relevant, respected, and happy. This will make their lives relatively stress-free, which may otherwise reflect in their jobs. Here’s a look at how an HRMS can help.

Upskilling Opportunities

One of the top HRMS enabling HR functions is employee upskilling. This activity has the power to build an inclusive culture and promote a sense of equality. There is also an excellent chance to enhance individual career growth with a diversified skill set. It helps your workers feel valued since they see the company investing in their learning and development. Targeted training programs for all levels of professionals and single-objective-focused lessons optimise worker potential. It can wipe out productivity issues and deliver best-in-class results.

Install software that can offer end-to-end solutions to keep the engagement quotient high and create a competitive workforce via innovative learning methods. This can help your workers perform in dynamic business environments along with great career advancement. The top features of a good HRMS platform are gamified user experience, daily quizzes and updates, contextual education, live classes and real-time analytics for knowledge checks.

Company Merchandise

It is a first-class tool to motivate, engage and energise employees. For instance, wearing identical clothes can help groups of blue-collar workers feel more similar to one another and support the cohesive team attitude behind you. It can help unite and strengthen a distinct work culture and ultimately boost employee engagement. You, on the other hand, do well as a business since uniformed workers signals trust to your potential customers.

Use a reliable HRMS enabling HR functions that eases your merchandising needs. A top-tier one can ensure huge savings on operational overheads, scale-up on demands, bulk discounts, personalised solutions and PAN India services. A dedicated QC team can promise:

  • flawless product quality
  • uninterrupted supplies
  • no risks of stock-outs.

Start offering the products post the onboarding process. This is a smart way to help retain talent and create a positive impact from the first day. Design delivery bags, backpacks, t-shirts, raincoats, windcheaters, helmets and caps with your company logo on them.

Attendance Management

Constant connection, despite the current location, is imperative to employee engagement. The blue-collar workforce is mostly mobile. But an automated attendance platform can keep them linked to your company regardless of where they are with a geofencing system. The workers can also access their time and attendance portals to be able to manage leaves.

An all-in-one attendance and time tracking software come with futuristic capabilities. It is equipped with adaptive site-shift assignments for individual sites, overtime management, force logout options, approval systems and facial recognitions. You, as an HR, will receive daily auto-email alerts with real-time insights covering multiple locations. A centralised system can streamline communication that turns around blue-collar engagement.

Working towards employee well-being encourages them to invest their loyalty into your organisation. Besides the above-discussed points, consider hosting a few exciting employee engagement events online or small e-learning sessions to improve their digital literacy. Lastly, do listen to their woes and treat them right for the best results.

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