15 Employee Engagement Tools to Boost Team Productivity

Employee engagement is not a one-day thing; it needs a consistent and multi-dimensional approach. Using the right tools, the company would build employee engagement opportunities, create employee experiences, recognise achievements, have meaningful conversations, constant feedback, set business goals, be better leaders and bring insights and data to work.

Employee engagement is a lifelong strategy that requires commitment and action. Before you dismiss it as ‘being too needy’, higher employee engagement impacts business success. As per several studies, communication and compassion are crucial engagement tools that make the workforce feel appreciated, respected and valued.

Living in the digital age, we have greater access to integrated employee engagement tools than ever. If companies started focusing, monitoring and working upon employee engagement, they would find hundreds of engagement software, tools and platforms.

Some tools are suitable for a general perspective, while others could be more project-specific. Regardless of that, employee engagement tools are widespread across different company sizes, industries and hierarchies – everybody wants to feel important in an organisation.

Why do we need these tools?

Employee engagement is not a one-day thing; it needs a consistent and multi-dimensional approach. Using the right tools, the company would build employee engagement opportunities, create employee experiences, recognise achievements, have meaningful conversations, constant feedback, set business goals, be better leaders and bring insights and data to work.

Working with employee engagement software goes beyond regular surveys but include lifecycle annual and pulse surveys. While there is so much between yearly employee engagement surveys, real-time pulse surveys are quicker and increase communication.

Feedback is essential to work better, but it is challenging to mail every employee their strengths, weaknesses and recommendations on the mail. Using the right software helps employers provide concrete feedback using direct reports to move efficiently through their project.

In a regular week, managers and employees do not get a chance to talk about subjects that are not related to work. Employee engagement tools allow them to collaborate on a career path, self-development, job satisfaction and learning.

Here are the top employee engagement tools that you must incorporate at work:

Employment Engagement Survey Software

About half a company’s employees believe that feedback and quick response reduced voluntary turnover, and annual reviews do not do the job. However, you do not need employees to manually fill out questionnaires that take several hours of their time – here is how you can do it better:

  • 15Five

This enables the workforce to send in engagement surveys every week, which helps the company identify weak points in the system. The name stands for the fifteen minutes needed to complete the study, after which the managers analyse the responses. It can be used mainly for small or large teams, where managers can prioritise employee recognition and reviews. Managers are also encouraged to set and manage team priorities before every quarter and track the progress every week for targets.

  • Officevibe

This enables employers to send anonymous surveys every week to gain insights on their team’s engagement levels and receive expert recommendations to improve employee engagement. The survey questions could be open-ended or be numbered, as per specific company projects or events.

  • Achievers

This enables employers to send pulse surveys and visually track the staff’s engagement levels with polling features. Using a point-based programme, Achievers offers recommendations for improvement, rewards employees for participating and integrates itself with your social media platforms to promote brand recognition.

  • Culture Amp

This enables employees to understand the employee’s priorities by creating customised employee feedback programmes, employee engagement surveys, comparing the results against top competitors in the industry, and working on the suggestions. Through templated questions are available, employers can customise questions for their teams. The responses are analysed for insights, and the employers receive recommendations on improving employee engagement among the workforce.

  • Hyphen

It enables employers to conduct pulse polls and surveys to analyse their employees’ engagement levels. The Hyphen Voice comes with a two-way communication feature promoting direct and private communication between leaders and staff. Managers can take up follow-ups to better understand the team’s interests and make them feel valued.

The Hyphen Insight evaluates the poll and survey results with its analytical features and offers recommendations for improvement, helping leaders make informed choices with employee engagement.

  • TINYpulse

Employees interact with TINYpulse at any stage to offer suggestions and feedback for improving employment recognition, engagement and communication. They receive a one-question anonymous survey every week, which managers can analyse to measure their team’s attention. Employers directly respond to their team member’s anonymous messages and take appropriate action.

  • 6Q

Using this tool, leaders ask six questions to their teams – and the responses can be individual or anonymous. After twenty-four hours, 6Q evaluates and generates a report based on the responses, also segmented across departments and locations. Managers can compare the results against their top competitors and look for recommendations on an in-built resource library to improve employee engagement.

Employee engagement tools

If you are further interested in establishing employee engagement tools at your workplace, use them to support your team, who bring their passion and dedication to their work.

  • Limeade

An employee wellness platform apart from being an employee engagement platform, Limeade offers pulse surveys and assessments to evaluate the organisation’s requirements. It also provides personalised recommendations, rewards and an activity library that promote positive company culture.

  • Energage

Employees can take a ten-minute workplace survey, where employers know what resonates with their team and how they analyse the work culture. Pulse surveys are short questions that help track work culture over time, building employer branding and attracting fresh talent.

  • Qualtrics EmployeeXM

Companies can analyse their team experience at five stages of an employee’s lifecycle with optimisation resources, pulse surveys, feedback system and onboarding assistance for a productive and healthy system.

  • Lessonly

A cloud-based learning management platform promoting better learning empowers your team with the required skills, tools and training opportunities for customer sales and services. It also boosts professional development, which fosters employee value and appreciation.

Employee communication tools

Communication is necessary to foster a healthy work culture, and these technologies help you achieve that. Employers and staff can communicate, receive updates and foster engagement on email platforms and video conference software, which promote internal communication.

  • Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts seamlessly integrates communication between teams with its video, voice and instant messaging platforms. These tools can be globally used without paying for voice coverage or data fees.

  • Mailchimp

This is a marketing platform with an intuitive design, affordable pricing and extra feature to share internal company updates for client communications. You can send business reports or team newsletters through internal email, which boosts transparency and communication.

  • Zoom

The world has seen a significant rise in Zoom video-conferencing after the Covid-9 pandemic, where employees can enjoy instant messaging and voice features for communication. A cloud-based platform, Zoom Rooms have resources that enable conference calls across the world, such as screen sharing and whiteboarding.

  • Slack

A single platform to enable real-time communication, Slack has direct messaging options for one-to-one, team and office communication. It helps foster the relationship between staff without compromising on business announcements.

You have various employee engagement software and tools to implement at work, and you must track them regularly. Understand your weaknesses, analyse the results, take concrete action. To recruit motivated candidates for your organisation, contact us at BetterPlace.

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