5 Best HRMS Software Solutions to Adopt in 2023

HRMS is a suite of software used by organisations to manage HR functions. It helps take care of numerous verticals like onboarding, verification, staffing, attendance and payroll of the blue-collar workers. The best one comes with a people-centric approach to help you achieve operational excellence. The India Human Resource (HR) technology market reached a value of $850 million in 2021 and is expected to touch $1,510 million by 2027 at a 9.9% CAGR during 2022-2027.

The growth is driven by the ease and convenience of automating routine operations. The HRMS software also helps in analytical report management along with secured data storage. The best part is that they work in sync with labour laws which reduces legal risks. If you wish to integrate HR software, pick one of the listed ones below.

1. Darwinbox

This is a new-age and mobile-first HRMS software that enables you to automate day-to-day HR processes. It helps you achieve strategic goals smarter and faster. It is simple and easy to navigate which makes sure the remote workforce is aligned with brand needs. The app ensures good functionality and usability in terms of HR solutions. Top brands like Pepperfry, Delhivery, Bisleri and Nivea has trusted Darwin for years.

2. BetterPlace HRMS Software

This is a complete end-to-end HRMS app and software that covers the whole gamut of HR functions. Organisations that trust BetterPlace are Zomato, HCL, Big Basket, Accenture, Jyothy Labs, Tender Cuts, JLL and Flipkart. The functionalities include Verification, Onboarding, Attendance, Payroll and Upskilling.

Fast, easy and accurate background screening is a hallmark of this software. Not only is verification superfast, but also delivered right to your inbox. The Payroll module allows visibility into all vendors from a single dashboard. You can configure your salary structure template with ease and automate a large part of the monthly tasks. Automatically incorporating the labour laws of different states makes compliance super easy.

The BetterPlace HRMS is powered by cutting-edge technology for touchless attendance. It uses facial recognition and geo-fencing to take accurate attendance, preventing buddy punching. This HRMS can also help a business grow by focusing on changing needs, like employee upskilling. Large sets of information can be analysed with complex algorithms to deliver actionable insights.

This is the best HRMS software that managers can use to:

  • set and track performance goals
  • gain real-time visibility
  • get workers future-ready by lining up live classes
  • conduct salary revisions and transfers
  • gather and assess workforce data
  • streamline recruitment process
  • manage the onboarding of new hires.
  • track regulatory compliance

This app is ideal for bulk or single hire since the intuitive API can offer mass onboarding up to 10,000 hires. It can be paired with existing systems, tools and platforms. Both small-sized and large-sized businesses can benefit from the features. In short, it revolutionises the way you manage the blue-collar workers. A cloud-based architecture can be managed by vendors too which reduces the need to provide own IT support and its associated costs in India. This is undoubtedly the top HRMS software in 2023 providing an efficient and unforgettable experience for engagement and retention of frontline workers in India.

3. Peoples HR Turbo

Turbo charge of the HR system is what they promise! What helps it stand out are data security, dedicated support 24×7, enterprise-grade solution, excess implementation and compliance with Indian statutory compliances. Informative strategic modules, supervisory functions and a DIY set are also included. It can be a budget-friendly solution which lets you keep the closest tasks of a business, that is HR administration, at your fingertips. It is a completely holistic solution from right from recruitment to retirement.

4. Paycom

It has streamlined business operations with easy-to-use HR and payroll technology for more than two decades. The software is ideal for industries like non-profit organisations and hospitals and health care. It has everything from onboarding and talent management to benefit enrolment- all under one app. You can also automate talent acquisition, talent management, HR management, payroll and time and labour management.

5. Akrivia HCM

This is a unified HRMS software for all modern needs. It helps companies create a more flexible, agile and efficient HR functions while providing excellent worker experience. The software has solutions like employee management, leave tracking, payroll management, attendance management, off-boarding, recruitment management and expense management. Rewards and recognition along with learning and development options are also available.

An HRMS software must be providing comprehensive and full-service management, compliance and payroll processing. Pick the one that is able to handle humongous data. Know that it must have advanced technology, especially for the distributed workforce, like facial recognition, geo-fencing, gamification of end-user experience and high-end background screening platforms. It also should provide touchless attendance with or without the internet which is extremely necessary.

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