9 Advantages of Hiring Recruitment Companies in India

Recruitment companies bridge organisations and job seekers. They run basic screening tests on the applicants, assess them against the organisation’s needs, and then refer those with the best attributes.

Hiring recruitment companies in India has a lot of advantages for both the employers as well as the job seeker. Recruitment is done efficiently when the process of search and hire of new candidates is done timely and cost-effectively. However, according to Deloitte, the average cost per hire for companies is $4,000; hiring recruitment companies significantly lower this cost for companies as these recruitment agencies are prepared and proficient in dealing with every category and bulk of manpower needs.

Before delving into the how and the advantages, it is essential to understand what exactly a recruitment company or a recruitment agency is.

What is Recruitment Companies?

Recruitment companies are the middlemen between organisations that have to recruit and the individual seeking a job or an assignment. Recruitment companies’ specialisation is the identification of the talent in the labour market and making this talent available to the organisations that require such skilled labour for several positions. They run basic screening tests on the applicants, assess them against the organisation’s needs, and then refer those with the best attributes.

Advantages of Recruitment Companies

1. Access to talent, fill job openings not interviews

The new, young, and talented candidates seeking jobs generally register with the recruitment companies who shortlist them based on the requirements of different companies. The consultants in recruitment agencies have a reliable database of thousands of CVs and a clear idea of where to find these individuals. These companies also have extensive knowledge about specific segments of the job market and can quickly learn about employers’ goals and requirements.

2. Time and cost savers

Companies would typically have to incur the additional cost of advertising for a particular job. Often due to poor marketing agenda and weak reach to possible applicants along with unawareness amongst job seekers, they may not apply to companies. However, recruitment companies already possess the data on candidates looking for those particular jobs. This is one of the most significant advantages of recruiting agencies because experienced recruiters can hire much quicker than in-house recruitment teams of organisations.

3. Screening process smoother

Good recruitment agencies can filter out bad candidates in their preliminary rounds and provide progressive insight into the selection from the objective view of an experienced third party. The agencies also add a set of rounds after the screening process before the eligible person is ready for direct company interview and also provide background checks which reduce the work of the HR department who now does not need to examine a candidate’s history from the start. The usual multilayer screening done by the companies can be done away with as most of the steps of the interview are already done by the recruiters.

4. Salary benchmarking and negotiation

Recruitment agencies can also help companies decide an ideal salary for a new position by using their salary data and through the knowledge, they have acquired of the local market. Further, before salary negotiations are entered into, recruiters can help organisations set a benchmark level against other businesses in the industry. They can also negotiate on behalf of both the parties and come to a mutually acceptable figure.

5. They offer guarantee periods

Recruitment agencies offer guarantee periods that can be encashed by the employers of which the probationary period and fees are also negotiated with the employer, so in case the candidate does not work out for the organisation for the committed guarantee period, the employer is entitled to get a percentage of their money back.

6. They tap on the 73% passive seekers

According to a study, there is only a small percentage of people who are actively looking for jobs and there is actually a vast majority of workers that are not seeking jobs actively but are open to new and better opportunities. Recruitment companies not only tap onto the small active percentage but also the sizeable passive portion that might suit the requirements of a new job better.

7. They maintain employer brand

In their search for possible candidates, recruiter help creates a positive image of the company or organisation they are recruiting for and in trying to sell the job to the applicants, they end up improving the company image to a large extent in front of the significant candidate collective. Recruitment agencies that are good at what they are supposed to do can hire people with useful insights for the business and sustain an employer brand.

8. Field specialisation and Industry Expertise

Hiring a recruitment agency that can specifically cater to the companies’ hiring needs is another great advantage. Prominently staffed agencies can provide veteran recruiters for specific areas of industries. An agency that knows the industries is the key to acquire knowledge on industry-specific trends in the market, skills, and salaries. Further such recruiters also have access to the candidates with the required specific skill sets.

9. Compliance to recruitment law

Recruitment laws are quite often the area to get misinterpreted and a recruiting company that remains up to date with the laws and avoids all the confusions regarding wages, diversity in the office, discriminatory or biased dismissals, and maternity leave. A recruitment company that helps avoid the legal hassle can help companies and organisations who hired them to stay assured that they are adhering to the employment laws in the hiring process.

The last word

Hiring recruitment companies will countless benefits to the organisations who hire them for their own hiring needs as recruiting agencies only make the hiring process more comfortable and more inexpensive. The highly specialised experience and knowledge of these recruiting agencies will help ensure that the candidates shortlisted have everything required of them from their employers in terms of qualifications and skills.

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