What You Can Do As a Recruiter To Help The Jobseekers’ Community?

This is a time of great peril. And as humans, each one of us has the responsibility to extend our help to the communities and individuals affected by Covid-19. 

Life has come to a standstill for many. Some have lost jobs, many are on the verge of being let go by their employers, while others have been looking — but grossly failing — in their search for pastures anew.

It’s a matter of sustenance for many, and your role as a talent professional will be no less crucial than that of a frontline worker.

So, how exactly can you aid the jobseekers? Let’s get right to it.

  1. Assimilate resumes of the displaced

It’s unfortunate, but many have lost jobs and are sitting, thinking of ways to get a job. But given their small networks, success is something hard to come by.

This is where your vast recruiter network can help. You might just have the right opportunities under your nose, but not the candidate who checks all the boxes. Reach out to candidates via your social networking profile alerting them to reach out to you with their resumes for jobs. Once you see an opportunity that matches a particular candidate, connect them.

Collect as many resumes and match them with job opportunities.

  1. Know a thing or two about resumes and professional networking? 

You might not even have to be part of a professional recruiting agency, but you can surely review resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles of the job seekers. With many employers on the web right now scouring for the right talent, you can counsel them about the importance of updating resumes and LinkedIn profile. 

Conduct a virtual session with them at no cost, edit their cover letter or resumes, and share important tips on how they can get noticed at a time like this.

  1. Engage them on social media or forums

The social media is abuzz with millions of job seekers, hunting desperately for any opportunity that comes their way. Get on the wagon and ask them to comment on your post and DM you with their resumes. 

Your profile should highlight the strength of your recruiter network and your experience. Tell them that you’re opening your network to the job seekers who have been hard done by Covid-19. Your connections with potential employers and other recruiters who have unfulfilled positions will only boost the chances of anyone connecting with you.

  1. Tell them what you know

Advise the community via long-form or short-form post about things job seekers need to do now to get noticed by employers. Depends on how much time you have on your hands and your level of engagement, but summarise your knowledge about what people are looking out for given the current predicament.

You can leverage social media, reach out via blog posts, email, webinars, or post videos online to coach those who need help.

  1. All in for frontline workers

The need of the hour is ensuring that the frontline workers in health, deliveries, and essential services do not feel the pinch of Covid-19. As a recruiter, you need to ensure that recruiting doesn’t slow down in these sectors. Leverage your connections and connect job seekers with employers in this sector.

That said, you must also educate the employers on how recruitment for these crucial roles must be handled. By studying the recruiting trends, you can tell the employers what potential candidates look for if they are to sign up.

Your dedication as a talent professional is key here. Even your slightest contribution for the job seekers and employers’ communities at a time of crisis will make a world of a difference for entire communities and the world.

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