Selfie-Based Attendance Management System Exclusively Designed for India’s Blue & Grey Collar, and Contractual Workforce.

We provide a smart and easy-to-use selfie-based attendance management system with facial recognition for tracking attendance of all your blue-collar and contractual workforce. This attendance app helps maintain a real-time database of all your staff, across all your sites and client locations, at any given point of time. It helps with the automatic generation of compliance-related reports. It can also be integrated with a biometric system. The best part about BetterPlace’s attendance management app is that you can expedite the attendance reconciliation process with your end customers, and reduce the invoicing/ payment cycles drastically. This, in turn, helps improve margins and transparency.

Services Provided

Selfie based Mobile Attendance Management

Muster Roll generation (Form 16)

Payslip and Invoice generation

Geo Fencing (eg. only within 30-meters from site)

Centralised Real-time Monitoring

Integration with Biometric (optional)


  • done

    Paper-less (No attendance log books)

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    Real-time Data (How many people? and Which Site?)

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    Anytime Invoicing (Don’t wait for weeks to consolidate registers.)

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    Unlimited Entry Points (Not dependent on 1-2 entry point, unlike biometric devices.)

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    Automatic generation of Muster-roll and Pay-roll details.

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    Multiple Client/ Site options

Why BetterPlace?

Attendance Management Software

Why BetterPlace as your Attendance Management System?

You should trust BetterPlace for 6 reasons:

  1. Being a Mobile Selfie based attendance management software, BetterPlace’s proprietary attendance app is more flexible and cheaper than Biometric attendance management system
  2. Unlike a paper-pen attendance log book, a digital system is paper-less and upto-date. It gets updated real-time without mistakes.
  3. It provides a central view of all your staff across multiple locations, at all times. No need to wait for weeks for consolidation of attendance logs.
  4. It helps with all compliance related reports like Muster-Roll, PF, Pay-roll, etc.
  5. Attendance app can be logged using multiple options, depending on the site conditions. It can be logged using the person’s smartphone or by using the supervisor’s phone or by using a central console at the entrance.
  6. This attendance management system can be integrated with your other systems like HRMS, ERP, etc.

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