Why digital reskilling of the semi-skilled should be on every employer’s checklist

You cannot yield the best results from your business unless you keep reinvesting in it. The same goes for your human resources too – you have to keep investing in them and their skills for seamless functioning and better outcome. While there are training sessions organised at regular intervals for the white-collar employees, the blue-collar workforce is often dependent on maximum on-the-job learning. Since most of these employees don’t have a formal training, it often makes them doubtful about their own sustainability in the evolving market and fast-paced digitisation leading to job quality issues and customer dissatisfaction.

Skilling a two-way street for employer and employee

Here’s why reskilling the blue-collar workforce in the age of digitisation is something every employer should be doing. There are no two ways about the fact that they are the ones facilitating the day-to-day business in all the industries in all their forms – be it security, drivers, delivery, or housekeeping. So it’s equally important to invest in the segment so crucial and so imperative for the business. Getting the blue-collar employees trained and certified not only promises a more competent workforce but also significantly improves credibility and branding of the business. It’s a two-way street for both the employer and the employee. For instance, if a security guard or a delivery guy is trained and has a certificate validating the same, it immediately boosts the reliability of his skills, thus ensuring competence and resulting in customer satisfaction.

Skilling helps reduce attrition

This will help solve yet another major problem which employers struggle with – high rate of attrition. On the surface, this might seem like one problem, but it’s actually a result of many underlying problems – the absence of prior skilling, no formal training and no sense of belongingness with the organisation. And here’s where training and certification come into the picture as a one-stop solution to all these problems. Once an organisation makes the effort of training and certifying its people, it promises a much better chance of attracting and retaining more people. The longevity of their relationship ensures smooth functioning and a higher level of results for the customer.

Training means formalisation of the blue-collar

While the initiative of investing in the skills of the blue-collar employees reaps multiple benefits for the employer, it is as much beneficial for the employee too. This not only trains them to do their job better, but also helps them migrate to the formal economy. This ensures enhanced productivity, less attrition and acts as a confidence booster for the employee, resulting in an augmented level of customer service.

Adapt digitally to make training more feasible

 Now having said that, training the blue-collar is easier said than done. For example – is it really feasible to ask a security guard to abandon an ATM and attend classroom training? Can a delivery guy or a cab driver decline an order or a ride for taking classes on doing their job? The more important question is will the employer be willing to bear the loss of work and will the employee be ready to let go of his pay for this? Highly unlikely! The distributed workforce, physical distance, loss of time and money – there are too many logistical problems and only one solution – go digital. This is why both of them need to embrace technology which makes it happen frictionlessly without causing any loss. The employer should switch to an app-based training instead of the obsolete physical one so that the workers can be trained on the go without causing any disruptions in the business. Meanwhile, the employees should also evolve digitally so that they can attend the virtual training without having to physically move. Digital accessibility not only makes the workforce keep up with the evolving market, but also helps enhance customer experience, since technology is an essential part of every business now.

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