What is a Psychometric Test & How is it Different from a Job Skills Test ?

This will work as long as you can afford to make mistakes on the floor and there is a monitoring system to measure the end outcomes and there are mechanisms for course correction.

In the absence of these mechanisms, it might become an expensive experiment, especially if the work site is sensitive or the nature of the job is sensitive like working with children or working with high value goods or services – areas where things can go out of control …. very quickly.

Pre-hiring assessments can be of huge help here.

There are typically 2 kinds of pre-hiring assessments.

1. Job Skills: These test if the person has the knowledge required for the job. Indicates current level of knowledge.

2. Psychometric: These test if the person has the mental capability and personality to perform well on the job. Indicates future potential.

Skill tests are more specific in nature since they are for testing if the person knows certain things specific to the job. Example an un-armed private security guard. There are specific things he needs to be aware of to perform his duty, and it is also mandated by the law (like PSAR Act). Therefore skill tests have a narrow spectrum of applicability. They are limited to the scope of a candidate having a basic, moderate, or advanced level of skill needed for that job. These skills are necessary, but does not cover how well he/she will apply it on the job.

Psychometric tests estimate long term job performance. Reliable psychometric tests have been designed on the basis of statistical analyses on data collected from large groups of people. These tests are typically based on research and statistics, and there are theories behind how you deduce the results. It is also more complex. The applicability of psychometric tests cover a broad spectrum and can predict the performance of the individual on the long run.

Below is a sample list of assessments where Psychometric tests can be very useful :

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