Trainings, Skilling, Assessments & Certification Services Exclusively Designed for India’s Blue & Grey Collar Job Roles.

We provide Skill Development Training and Assessment Services delivered via our Digital Platform for your Blue Collar workforce like Security guards, Drivers, House Keeping staff, Delivery staff, Factory workers, Electricians, Plumbers, Mechanics, Maintenance staff, Attenders, Domestic Workers, Teaching/Non-Teaching staff, etc. It can be accessed in a self-service mode as an app in any basic smartphone, or even administered in a classroom setup. The content can be job skills specific based on both NSDC National Occupational Standards (NOS), as well as customised to your and your end customer requirements. It can also be social skills like etiquette, gender sensitivity, good touch/bad touch, digital skills, financial skills, corporate guidelines, etc. The training content is made very engaging using storyboarding and it is made interactive using a Chatbot. One such example is below.

Services Provided

Job role requirement specific

eg. Unarmed Security Guard, CCTV supervisor, Security supervisor, etc (as per PSAR Act), House Keeping, Child Care Taker, etc.

Customer Experience Skills improvement

eg. 50 English words, Gender sensitivity, etc

Health and hygiene improvement

eg. House keeping

Safety and security compliance

eg. Fire & Safety, Good-touch/bad-touch, etc.

Social empowerment

eg. Basic digital skills, finance, etc


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    Vernacular (8 languages - Hindi, Assamese, Oriya, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi)

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    National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) & National Occupational Standards (NOS) aligned content.

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    Mobile App and Desktop

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    Digitisation of existing content

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    Trainer led, Classroom and Self paced

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    Integration of Classroom + On-the-Job + Refresher trainings.

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    Text, Images, Video, Audio, Voice-over (also in vernacular)

Why BetterPlace?

National Skill Development via Digital Platform

Why BetterPlace for Skilling, Training & Assessment Services ?

There are 7 reasons why you should trust BetterPlace:

  1. Unlike traditional Training methods, BetterPlace uses a Digital Platform that is very effective and efficient. With the cost of a good smartphone having dropped to below 1,500/-, we have found that 9/10 people in this segment have access to a smartphone.
  2. The content is created in a very interesting and engaging format. It is similar to WhatsApp and learning is made fun in comparison to the boring one-way classroom lectures.
  3. The curriculum is broken down to small modules so that it can be consumed during daily routines, over a longer period of time, which is much more effective than overload of information in back-back training days.
  4. Given that the content is in vernacular languages, it is much more effective for the employee since he/she gets to learn in his/her native language.
  5. Today’s workforce is distributed. It is rare to have all the employees in 1 location. Therefore it becomes impossible to get everyone to the training centre. Even if you get them to 1 place, there is a very good chance that they all do not understand the same language because their native would be from all parts of India. With BetterPlace, you can do trainings at the employee location, without them having to go anywhere, in their native language. Even if you want to do a classroom training, the language can be in each of their native language.
  6. Classroom trainings are one-way. The instructor teaches and the students listen. It is tough to gauge how much they have learned and internalised. With BetterPlace, you can instantly know what is the learning using our assessment modules. You can also know how much % of training each person has covered and when he/she has done it.
  7. With BetterPlace you can roll out trainings at a super fast speed. You can train 10,000s of employees in a matter of weeks.

We continously improve our process and do best work
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