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Financial Wellness For
Your Frontline Workforce

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Insurance Benefits That Work Like Pay

BetterPlace is the strategic HR partner you need to attract and retain talent.


Covered under Health Insurance


Front-line workers


Front-line workers covered under insurance


Growth in number of companies insuring front-line workers since the onset of Covid-19

Provide financial stability
and security

Improved living

Get as much as 20% reduction
in employee attrition

Enhanced loyalty, motivation,
and productivity

BetterPlace: The People Platform for Insurance Services

A full-stack, end-to-end tech solution for insurance-centric requirements, from policy distribution to claims assistance.

insurance-services insurance-services

Enhance your benefits package by adding a portfolio of best-in-class products and services that appeal to a diverse workforce.


Offer your people the freedom to choose their insurance benefit, terms and conditions.


Optimise operational overheads and reduce man hours by upto 60%.


Health coverage for your frontline workforce starting as low as Rs. 4.5 per day.


Round-the-clock claims support for your frontline blue-collar employees.

Seamless Integration

Control and streamline your employee insurance benefits costs with simplified cross-platform integrations.

Storefront Solution

Enrol and manage your employees’ benefits online in minutes.


We make it easy for you to tie in with your company’s unique branding and logo, creating a one-stop shop for your people’s insurance benefits.


API platform for full control over employee experience. Integrate into existing systems and processes to simplify complex insurance benefit programs.


Full suite of reporting tools for cost containment , benefit utilisation, and ROI relative to your insurance benefit program’s objectives.

From building meaningful relationships with your employees, to solving insurance hassles, we’re here to help.


  • Cost Overheads
  • Difficult to educate employees
  • Tedious manual claims process
  • Higher Costs

The BetterPlace Solution

  • Completely Digital. Reduce costs by upto 60%
  • A dedicated app educating employees about insurance.
  • Handheld claims experience for employees during critical hours.
  • Negotiated rates & customized product offerings.

20,000+ Lives Covered
Access to 6,000+ Hospitals across 25+ Cities

While your employee benefit programs evolve with your business needs, our services to you – the employer – remain consistent.

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