Trust Building Services like Digital Onboarding, Background Verification, Training, Financial Services, etc for Blue Collar Staff in Delivery Logistics Industry

We provide end to end Trust Building Services for the Logistics Delivery Industry like Pre-Hiring Assessment Services, Background Verification Services, Digital Employee Onboarding Services, Delivery Staff Training & Assessment Services, Financial Services, etc for the delivery staff. The services are delivered through our Digital Platform, therefore making it very effective and efficient, at a very affordable cost. You can engage and know more about all your delivery staff, across multiple locations and multiple cities, and quickly roll-out training courses and staff engagement programs in vernacular languages. We are trusted by most of the leaders in the industry.

Industry Challenges

  • Given the Industry’s growth and seasonal peak demand patterns, Time to Hire & Onboard is very critical
  • Delivery staff being the Brand Ambassadors, Credibility & Brand Image always at Risk.
  • Staff Training Challenges with large distributed teams combined with high churn.
  • Risks of Internal Fraud

Solutions Provided

  • Background Verification Services – ID check, Address check, Court check, PVC, etc
  • Pre-Hiring Assessment – Job Skills, Psychometric.
  • Training – Job Skills (NSDC, NOS), Etiquette, Customer Experience, etc
  • Digital Onboarding – eKYC, HR records
  • Attendance Management – Muster Roll, Geo Fencing, Selfie based, Automatic Payroll inputs.
  • Financial Services – Loans, Insurance, Health Checks, etc

Customer Benefits

  • Super Fast On-boarding of Verified Staff
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Reduced Fraud Risks
  • Reduced Safety & Security Risks
  • Improved Visibility & Transparency

How it works?

  • On Boarding

  • Background

  • Training

  • Assessment

  • Attendence

Why BetterPlace?

Top Delivery Logistics Companies

Why BetterPlace is No.1 Provider of Trust Building Services for the Delivery Logistics Industry ?

Top Companies in Delivery Logistics like Flipkart, Swiggy, Amazon, Zomato, etc trusts BetterPlace for 4 Reasons:

  1. Unlike other technology companies in the segment, BetterPlace is focused on the Blue Collar segment exclusively and the solutions are designed keeping the challenges in mind.
  2. We are present PAN India, and can verify and engage your staff, wherever they are across India, even if their address is from the remote corners of the country.
  3. We are trusted by some of the large employers of blue collar workforce in the country, similar to the Delivery Logistics Industry like Private Security Industry, Facility Management, Schools, On-Demand Services companies, Retail, etc.
  4. We are trusted by some of the Top Industry associations like ECA (Early Childhood Association of India) – An Association of 5,000 Pre-School Chains, NASSCOM – An association of 2,200 IT/BPM Companies, Service Aggregators like JLL who work with 100s of clients and 1,000s of sub-vendors, KSSA (Karnataka Security Services Association) – An association of 400+ security guard services providers in Karnataka, etc

We continously improve our process and do best work in strong partnerships with our clients.

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