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    Get your organisation
    digitised down to the T

    Right from unorganised onboarding to unverified candidates posing business risks, cumbersome management of shifts and overtime to efficient upskilling, BetterPlace HRMS takes care all such challenges.

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    Our five robust modules help you ensure higher productivity while reducing cost and building a more skilled, efficient and goal-aligned workforce.


    30+ minutes lesser time per onboarding

    • Quicker registration processes
    • Bulk/API and individual onboarding
    • Analytics-based insights
    • Automated creation of compliance documents- PF & ESI, company documents

    20+ million candidates verified

    • Comprehensive background verification
    • Pioneering blue-collar employee verification system in India
    • 24/7, highly scalable infrastructure
    • Accurate reporting with summary reports

    50+ million check-ins across 5,000 sites

    • State-of-the-art tracking solution for on-ground workforce
    • Full-proof attendance system
    • Real-time insights & rostering
    • Overtime management & automated reports

    95% reduction in payroll processing time

    • Easy overtime calculation with site-shift assignments for different sites
    • Configurable payroll rules & salary structure template
    • Automated salary rate and arrears calculation
    • Invoice & payslip generator

    80% reduction in training costs

    • 1.1 lakh workers upskilled
    • Training modules in 35+ languages
    • Flexible, scalable, cost-effective mobile SaaS platform
    • Offline learning, interactive notice boards & contextual learning
    • Knowledge checks and analytics

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    Manage your workforce seamlessly.Control your operations swiftly.

    Save up to 80% time on
    HR-related processes

    Save up to 60% direct
    or indirect expenses

    Have 100% compliance
    with labour laws

    Reduce business-related
    risks with 5+ Lakh profile
    checks every month

    Lower cost of
    engagement by 15%

    Lower attrition
    by 12%

    Have 27%
    better efficiency

    Have 22% better

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    BetterPlace worked
    wonders for top


    By Admin | 22 Jan 2022

    Upskilling the blue-collar workforce of a food delivery decadron


    By Admin | 22 Jan 2022

    Upskilling the blue-collar workforce of a meats and seafood provider


    By Admin | 22 Jan 2022

    Upskilling the blue-collar workforce of an insurance company

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    Betterplace Raises $24 Million In Funding Led By Jungle Ventures, Cx Partners

    Using the fresh funds, BetterPlace will continue investing in technologies to cater to the growing demand while acquiring niche solutions for faster adoption of new modules.

    Betterplace Launches A Mobile App To Empower Blue-Collared Workforce

    In line with its promise to consistently empower the blue-collared workforce, BetterPlace is enabling opportunities for millions looking out for a job across India