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what can you do

Reach out to the shortlisted talent with personalised messages, in multiple languages, and at the right time
Receive applications from hundreds of relevant & interested job seekers from all over the country - how so ever remote
Easily customise your workflows to suit your business processes. Put together with industry’s best
The most simplified mobile workflowscfor your employees to self onboard themselves on your system
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Soumya Saha | VP, Supply

what makes betterplace different

the largest in the country

With BetterPlace comes the largest supply of skilled and semi-skilled blue collar employees across industries and across job roles. Readily available to fit your growing needs


as local as you need

Our platform also comes the largest breadth of coverage in India, enabling you to reach out to blue collar talent in any part of the country, as local as you need to go

just the fastest way

Our customizable platform, highly skilled ops, mobile self-onboarding & an omnichannel approach allows you to put quality talent to work in no time - fast & seamless


best of both the worlds

An intuitive blend of the automated and the human, our platform is a state of the art, accessible convergence point to hire & onboard talent from all over the country

cutting edge.
technology & design

Our world-class UX combined with emerging technologies encourages ease-of-use and enables you to reap the benefits of our platform all the while maintaining a high level of security

  • Facial Recognition
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Chatbot & NLP
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Liveness detection

  • Graph database
  • Blockchain identity

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