GPS Based Attendance Management App

India is highly dependent on blue-collar workers such as housekeepers, security guards and maintenance and repair people as we are heavily reliant on manual labor. Attendance management for such workers is a challenge for a number of reasons. Our sheer population means that the number of sites a contractor must provide workers for can be staggering and paper-based attendance management would incur hefty labour costs to assign a person to each site just to handle employee attendance. Biometric or RFID (a technology where radio waves detect a digital signature carried by the employee – typically built into access cards) systems, on the other hand, would be both impractical and prohibitively expensive to implement on such a large scale. A promising technology that solves these issues (and offers other additional benefits), is GPS based attendance app. This system is not limited to be being a good investment for contractors – it can provide operational benefits for corporate firms as well. It is also inexpensive.

A challenge of contemporary solutions such as RFID or biometric attendance management is that they are capital intensive and data is only stored locally on an authenticating device. Hardware malfunction could result in system downtime where attendance data can’t be collected, which can result in payroll processing problems. Business staffing and scheduling decisions must also then be taken without complete information. The challenge of paper-based attendance management systems, on the other hand, is the labour costs associated which increase exponentially with each additional office or site that must be monitored. They are also cumbersome, verifying data integrity is impossible, and copies or backups are difficult to create.

What makes GPS based attendance apps a perfect solution is the level of digital penetration in our country – smartphones cost as little as Rs. 1500/- today and almost everybody has one. So, unlike biometric or RFID solutions, no capital investment is required but the benefits of digitalization are still readily leveraged. For example, data that is stored on Cloud in real-time instead of locally on hardware means higher accuracy and reliability. And since employees check-in to work on their own devices, there is no human labour involved as with paper-based systems which cuts HR costs significantly.

Another benefit of GPS based attendance app is that, due to the mobile nature of smartphones, geofencing is possible. Knowledge of employee location by time deters workers from wasting company resources by clocking in and out at reasonable times yet taking unreasonably long lunch breaks or leaving the premises frequently for personal business. And while consolidated, end-of-month attendance reports are useful, centralized and real-time attendance management enables firms to engage with employees more responsibly and to make more agile business decisions when they can see exactly what a worker is doing ‘right now’. For instance, an intervention with someone that is becoming increasingly tardy just as their behaviour begins to border on unacceptable can save employers precious rehiring resources if the behaviour can be remedied before firing the employee becomes the only solution. This helps workers too by preventing downward spirals due to ‘tardy’ classifications becoming grounds for other employers refusing to hire them.

Firms can also experience improved bottom lines from improved payroll processes as this technology can integrate seamlessly with automated payroll generation software. The created ecosystem can generate competitive advantage by reducing the time and labour costs associated with manual payroll generation. Legal violations due to late wage payments can also reduce and workers that are paid on time engage more positively with their employers. This leads to a more productive work environment.

It is no secret that the law in India mandates organizations to maintain employee attendance logs and that principal employers are liable if a contractor violates a labour regulation. Paper-based attendance management systems where ledgers can become lost or damaged and high-tech solutions which are vulnerable to information-gaps caused by hardware malfunction can result in labour-law compliance audit failures. GP based attendance app with Cloud-sync and 100% uptime provide much more reliable data and are far better options for this reason as well.

Cloud-based GPS attendance app management enables real-time location monitoring and provides automated inputs for payroll processing — these aides in overseeing payment schedules and makes all of the information available in real-time. Administrators can make reports to alter work plans and direct workforce activities progressively. Besides this feature, the GPS attendance app also enables the facial recognition attribute, which facilitates the employee identification during the attendance monitoring process.

It seems that GPS based attendance app might be the future of blue-collar attendance management as they offer valuable benefits over both other digital solutions and traditional ones. A low implementation cost, reduced labour costs, the generation of quality information which is reliably stored and the possibility of geofencing are just some of the reasons this kind of attendance management system is a good option for your business.

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