Five reasons why the new blue-collar category for a background check by NASSCOM is a huge deal

Five reasons why the new blue-collar category for a background check by NASSCOM is a huge deal

There’s some good news for the blue-collar segment, for employees and employers alike. National Skills Registry (under NASSCOM) has now introduced an exclusive category for the background verification of the blue-collar staff. A large number of semi-skilled employees are engaged across various IT/ITES organisations. And this is a milestone for the blue-collar industry that the apex body has now recognised a separate category for their background verification. Here’s why it matters.

It’s a huge chunk of the IT/ITES workforce

Do you know that for every 4 employees that NASSCOM members employ, there is one support staff employed? That means that for approx. 4 million IT/ITES employees, there are around 1 million blue-collar employees supporting them. This segment comprises various security guards, escort guards, housekeeping and drivers among others, who help keep the system running. Since they make for such a huge number of the total workforce, it is only fair that they should be a separate category for background verification.

Compliance risks are comparatively higher

Support staff’s verification is as crucial to the company as their white-collar counterparts, if not more. They are typically outsourced to vendors or sub-vendors, and the risk mitigation responsibility is also delegated to those vendors, which is a direct conflict of interest leading to large gaps in compliance. And now with a proper process in place, their background verification will be much more organised and effective.

Safeguarding against brand risks and ensuring credibility

Even though the blue-collar staff members were being verified prior to this as well, now there’s a proper process in place with a separate category for them. Since the risks and consequences associated with them pose a greater threat to the company, it becomes important to have them verified properly. Any unforeseen incident will bring a bad name to the company even if the employees are hired by a third party. The unorganised sector has over 75% of migratory people without a formal work history or traceable records. Also, with a proper database of their records maintained, it safeguards the companies in future as well. And an exclusive category for blue-collar verification ensures a better credibility.

Need for more engagement with the blue-collar

It’s a well-known fact that the blue-collar sector sees a much higher percentage of attrition across various job roles as compared to white-collar. One of the top reasons behind this is that they often have no sense of belongingness with the workplace. While the white-collar employees have various HR-driven initiatives for a better engagement, the blue-collar are often left out. A step like an exclusive category for their background verification could be the first step towards a higher engagement.

Ensures social inclusiveness

CSR is a proud initiative in most IT/ITES companies. Having said that, inclusiveness should also be extended to the support staff working in the companies. A background verification can help to know them better. This should not be seen just as a risk mitigation step. With NASSCOM recognising blue-collar as a separate category for background verification, they will now have more credibility and trustworthiness to their profiles. And in turn, they will feel more associated with the organisation.

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