Upcoming event: The Next Step 2022 Delhi NCR Edition - 9th December 2022

The Next Step - Bengaluru 2022

The Next Step Banglore 2022 The Next Step Banglore 2022

Event Roundup


We conducted the inaugural edition of ‘The Next Step’ on September 16 in Bangalore. This year’s theme was ‘Creating an equitable & efficient future for frontline workers & enterprises’ and we were honoured to see the presence of esteemed guests like T. V. Mohandas Pai, Nandan Nilekani and other industry frontrunners making the evening incredibly engaging. The event saw over 250 attendees participating in the dialogues to move the needle in the right direction to shape up the frontline industry.

The frontline industry has seen significant changes in the past years, especially post-pandemic with increased jobs demand, increasing tech adoption, emergence of gig work and skilling of frontline workers becoming the need of the hour. The event discussions threw light on all this and more showcasing how the frontline industry is evolving and what are some of the key trends we could expect to see in the coming years.


Launch of the Frontline Report


The event culminated in the launch of the BetterPlace Frontline Index FY22, a comprehensive report on the blue- & grey-collar ecosystem, by Mr Nandan Nilekani and Mr Mohandas Pai. The Frontline Index is launched annually by BetterPlace to help leading brands, hiring and managing frontline workers, gain insights into the ongoing industry dynamics and create strategies that translate into company performance.

The FY2022 edition of the report offers a detailed look at the business challenges that enterprises have endured in the past financial year dealing with attrition, reverse migration, labour wage inflation, seasonality of job demands and more. It also throws light on how the frontline employees have evolved their ways in the face of adversity and are now looking at employment through a new lens.


The Next Step Banglore 2022 The Next Step Banglore 2022