KSSA Onboarding & Training Centre

Karnataka Security Services Association
Leadership Conclave – 3rd February, Bangalore

As part of the NEXT BILLION INDIANS Thought Leadership initiative, BetterPlace in partnership with KSSA (Karnataka Security Services Association) hosted an exclusive evening for ~250 MD’s & CEO’s of Security Services Companies in Karnataka on the 3rd of February (Saturday) from 6:00-11:00 pm, at Hotel Capitol, Bangalore.

It was one-of-the-kind opportunity to network, discuss challenges, and share and learn best-practices from peers and leaders, as well as hear from both the Leadership of Primary Employers, as well as the Police and Controller on the expectations from the Private Security Industry Players in Karnataka. Together, these companies employee more than 4,00,000 guards across the State.


  • Lighting of Lamp
  • Felicitation to Republic Day Parade Winners – KSSA Parade Platoon that Won 2nd Prize in 26th Jan 2018 Republic Day Parade (by Chief Guest & Panel Speakers)
  • Panel Discussion – Challenges & Expectations of the Security Services from the Primary Employers (Moderator: Anupam Bonanthaya, CMO BetterPlace)
  • Launch of Digital Learning Platform for Security Guards in Kannada (by Chief Guest)
  • Chief Guest Speech (IG ISD & Controller, Mr. Arun Chakravarthy)
  • Sector Skill Council Presentation & MOU Signing (Col. Anil Kumar Pokhriyal CEO, MEPSC)
  • Vote of Thanks (Secretary KSSA)
  • Announcements (President KSSA)
  • Cocktail Dinner

Panel Discussion -Challenges & Expectations of the Security Services from the Primary Employers – Summary

Panel Speakers:

  • Preethi Vickram ( Chapter Head – ECA, Regional Head – Podar Jumbo Kids)
  • Nandan Bhatia ( Admin & Facilities Head – Britannia)
  • Sumeet Sharma (Service Delivery Head- India Corporate Real Estate and Services – Capgemini)
  • Capt Lata D S ( Security Head – Honeywell)
  • V R Srinivas (Regional Security Head South Asia – HPE)
  • Aswani Kumar Gupta ( Head of Facilities, Security & Vigilance – DTDC Express)
  • Jonathan Yach ( Director – Retail Operations – Virtuous Retail)
  • Arjan Sawhney (APAC Account Director, AT&T from CBRE)
  • Joseph Rajkumar ( Regional Director, G4S & KSSA EC Invitee)
  • Lt.Col. Darshan Bal (Managing Director, Terrier Security Services, VP KSSA)

The primary employers said that the expectation from their “end consumers” has dramatically changed in the recent times. Be it the lakhs of customers who walk into their malls or the IT companies who work in the software parks or the parents of children who study in their schools or the customers who trust them with their goods. There is an expectation to provide them a “world class service”. As a result they expect their service providers to partner with them by providing a “service” versus providing just manpower.

The primary Employers further provided the following suggestions:​

  1. Service providers to work closely with employers to understand their requirements specific to their industry, and provide people who can deliver those services.
  2. 100% Uncompromising Compliance with the Laws of the land.
  3. Skilling for the job. Provide training needed to deliver the service.
  4. Building expertise in the service instead of being a jack of all trades.
  5. Brand building. Users like to be associated with a branded player versus any other vendor.
  6. Make use of technology, specifically digital platforms.
  7. Intermediaries like real-estate and facility management service providers to play a balancing role in order to set the right expectation both with clients and the service providers.

The Security Services providers said that they are willing to work to cater to the needs of the industry, but also suggested the following areas for making the partnership to work:

  1. ​Make the SLAs achievable by focusing on 4-5 critical SLAs versus 50 different SLAs so that they can deliver on the key SLAs.
  2. Treat the service providers as “partners” and invest time and resources in building a longterm partnership, especially given their past experience that typically any “blue collar” service provider is treated as unimportant.
  3. Give importance to the human angle. Engage the blue collar employees so that they feel part of the system. Provide facilities, training, awards/rewards. Help via CSR programs.
  4. Incentivise the service providers to not just meet, but do better than the SLAs.

Launch of Digital Learning Platform for Security Guards in Kannada – Summary

One of the main challenges raised by the Primary Employers panel was about training. BetterPlace digital learning platform helps address many training challenges in a scalable manner.

  • The content is compliant with NOS (National Operational Standards) defined by NSDC.
  • In addition to English, Kannada & Hindi, the content is also available in 7 other vernacular languages like Assamese, Odiya, Bengali, etc so that guards can be trained in their native language.
  • The content is delivered in an engaging storyboard format in a WhatsApp like interface making it very interactive.
  • Using this app, security guards can be trained on both job skills, as well as customer interaction skills like english speaking, day to day responsibilities like vehicle parking, corporate guidelines, etc.
  • It also helps keep employees and contract employees continuously engaged on a ongoing basis, and also help measure the level of engagement.

Felicitation of Chief Guests

The Secretary of KSSA, Mr. Sheetal Kumar listed out the accomplishments of KSSA for this year, and also felicitated the chief guests, IG Mr. Arun Chakravarthy, SP Mr. Ravi, CEO MEPSC Col. Anil Kumar Pokhriyal, CEO BetterPlace Mr.Pravin Agarwala, and other dignitaries on the stage.

Chief Guest Speech – Summary

IG of ISD Karnataka State and Controller, Mr Arun Chakravarthy in his speech highlighted the achievements of his department. Two important accomplishments being

  1. Streamlining of the PSAR Licence process to achieve a turn around time of 60 days.
  2. Streamlining of the PVC process

He stressed the importance for the guards to be trained and compliant as per PSAR guidelines and also directed the agencies to train the guards in communication skills on how to interact with customers, especially in Kannada, and train them in handling emergency situations in order to save life and property. He said given that there are more than 4 Lakh private security guards in the state, compared to 1Lakh police, they are an extended arm of the police.

Sector Skill Council Presentation & MOU Signing – Summary

Col. Anil Kumar Pokhriyal, CEO of MEPSC (Management & Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council) under which the Job roles for the Private Security Industry falls did a short presentation about MEPSC.

MEPSC signed a Partnership MOU with BetterPlace, for the following

  1. Launch of Digital Training Platform for Job roles like Unarmed Security Guard, Security Supervisor, etc with content aligned with NOS (National Operational Standards by NSDC)
  2. Candidates trained using this digital platform qualify for Assessment & Certification by MEPSC.
  3. Launch of trainer module so that the training of the trainers can be scaled drastically in a short period of time.
  4. Demand Aggregation – Security Agencies shall list their job vacancies via the Demand Aggregation portal and MEPSC approved TP/TCs shall list their candidates on the portal and it will help match with jobs based on geo location preference, job roles, etc.

Vote of Thanks

Mr.Pravin Agarwala introduced BetterPlace. 

BetterPlace helps transform the Blue Collar workplace by providing a digital platform for providing various services like background verification, training, attendance management, demand aggregation of jobs versus skilling, financial services to the employees, etc. They are trusted by more than 200 large blue collar employers and more than 8,00,000 blue collar employees have gone through their platform.

He also rolled out some offers for the KSSA Members at the event.

  • 50% Discount for re-verification within 1 year (within Association members)
  • Extra 10% discount on spot booking TODAY at the event.
  • HELPDESK at the event for the benefit of the KSSA members. Please use the facility for demo, pricing, and any other help.

The vote of thanks was provided by Mr.Suresh.V, Director KSSA EC, where he also mentioned about the upcoming KSSA Sports Day on 23rd & 24th February, 2018. He invited everyone to register and participate in the sports day.


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