Demonstrate social and moral compliance. Lead the way for your blue collar employees to vote

Ways you can enable your blue-collar employees to vote

With the Karnataka Election around the corner, you must be flooded with all sorts of campaign updates across all channels, apart from all the buzz around voting coming your way. Though there’s no denying that on election day your duty as a citizen supersedes your every other duty, practically speaking, filling an employer’s shoes is no mean feat either. On one hand, it is your moral and social responsibility to encourage and enable your employees to vote, but on the other hand, it is equally important to keep the business up and running. We understand that the blue collar workforce – including security guards, housekeeping and delivery guys – is the backbone of any organisation and their absence could bring a lot of disorder. This especially holds true because a lot of these employees are the migratory workforce within the state. They work in one of the big cities, but need to travel to their hometown to vote, and hence, be given time off accordingly. So here’s a lowdown of how you can empower your people to vote in a sustainable manner.

Accommodating their day off on the election day –

The employees get an off day during the week. With May 12 being a Saturday, it would be best if you can make room for their weekly off on that day. This way, they can travel to and fro, cast their vote, and won’t need any extra time off during work hours for the same. This will work well for the local voters as well, who can vote hassle-free without being in a rush.

Asking non voters to fill in for a day –

Blue collar segment has no dearth of migratory workforce – not just from within the state, but also from various other states. Given this is a state-centric election, ideally, employees from within the state are eligible to vote. While a provision has been made for enrolling yourself for Karnataka elections, provided you get your name deleted from previous address record, but there will still be a lot of workers who will be non-voters. If the arrangement deems fit, those employees can be asked to fill in for a day for their counterparts who have to vote.

Make the schedules a little flexible for the day –

Voting is everybody’s right, regardless of their profession. And on that day, you should help them exercise it. They are a crucial part of the machinery in all organisations and as a responsible citizen and employer, make the schedules a little flexible in order to accommodate their absence on a day of national importance.

Giving time off during lighter hours –

If it’s difficult to spare an entire day, perhaps choose a time span which isn’t as jam-packed as the rest of the day and earmark that time for them to go out and cast their vote. Usually, mornings work best in this regard, but if it does not work for the nature of your organisation, take your pick accordingly. This will enable more local voters to cast their vote easily.

Giving time off in batches –

This again works best for the local voters. To accommodate with the absence of logistics and on-demand service employees, like drivers or delivery boys on a weekend and a holiday can be an uphill task. It is much better if they are divided into batches and given different time intervals to vote. This should help mitigate any irregularity.

Demonstrate social and moral awareness on 12th May, 2018. Lead the way for your blue collar workforce to vote. It is their right to vote, just help them achieve it. We hope this helps you do your bit for the country.

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