Why You Should Automate Your HR Activities?

Human resource is experiencing a major technological change. Practically, technology is disrupting every market yet helping HR teams adjust to the growing needs of human resources of workplaces.

In a situation like this, HR automation technology is the go-to option for everyone. It can reduce your costs, improve workplace productivity, and enhance your overall functioning.

Let’s dive in and understand HR process automation and explore some HR automation ideas.

Reasons for Automating HR Activities

An HR department can usually be buried in a lot of paperwork:

  • Every time a new employee joins the office.
  • Every time compliance and tax issues come up.
  • Every time employees apply for leaves.

All this a huge hassle. An automated HR system can change it. Let’s understand the impact of automation on HR.
hr activities
hr activities

Reduced Time

Did you know that the major amount of the HR team’s time is spent in sorting out employee logs?

We are sure that most of the HR managers can relate to that. This is because sorting out employee logs is difficult and monotonous – something that can be easily automated.

When you utilize HR automation tool for this activity, you can reduce the time spent on keeping track of employee logs. Not only this but also you can reduce the time spent in a lot of other activities such as hiring, paperwork, and security.

Efficient Working

As the number of employees in the workplace increase, so does the burden of managing them. Hence, your HR team becomes less efficient over time. Leave applications, performance and feedback reports keep piling with no solution or end in sight.

HR automation can take the manual labour out of this process and improve efficiency. Moreover, automating this process frees up the HR team who can then focus on people.


Most of the HR automation tools allow you to integrate with other software products. For example, you can integrate your HRIS with biometric attendance tracker. This removes all the hassles for your HR team as everything is automatically recorded in the system.

Improved Workflows

With the improvement in functioning, you can streamline your HR workflows to a great extent. This is especially beneficial when you have offices in different geographical locations.

An HR automation system can integrate all the information from varied locations and systems at one location. This simply ensures that the work gets done on time.

Reduced Paperwork

Think about all the paper that you may be saving by automating your work. With everything online, and process getting automatically executed, paperwork reduces in the workplace.

The process of sharing and searching of documents is also made robust, easy, and extremely quick. And let’s be honest, it is environment-friendly too.

High Security

When you use of paper at the workplace, you may have to appoint a person to take care of these documents. This is not possible in off-hours. As a result, there is a risk to security.

Anyone can manipulate or steal confidential information. With HR automation, your work moves online and so does your security. The information can be secured via encryption, and any manipulation or movement of documents can be tracked.

Streamlined Recruitment

During recruitment drives, the HR team is burdened with multiple responsibilities. It is a herculean task to go through and shortlist hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes.

HR automation can help in this regard. Machines, programs, and algorithms based on artificial intelligence can not only scrutinize and populate relevant resumes, but also match candidates as per the requirements set by the employer.

Furthermore, with automation, onboarding formalities can be conveniently handled online.

Improved Compliance

HR automation systems are equipped to manage compliance. With cloud systems, it is possible for agencies to alert employers of important dates for compliance. Moreover, any changes in the laws and standards can be relayed immediately through such systems.

Automation may not be able to handle compliance completely, but it sure makes the task a bit easier for the HR team.

Enhanced Decision Making

If your team possesses data, it can be analyzed thoroughly in order to make rational decisions.
For instance, in the case of training-related decisions, HR can check the performance levels of the employees and then decide to implement training programs accordingly.


HR automation is nothing new. It’s extremely useful and valuable to any organization. You can reduce the time spent on tasks, improve workflows, and eventually reduce overheads of the organization.

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