Why Recruitment & Staffing Agencies Need Efficient RMS

The technological solution used by a staffing agency is an RMS. It acts as a comprehensive platform, providing end-to-end solutions to all the recruitment needs of an organisation. It doesn’t just simplify recruitment; it also helps create and manage a database of overall candidates.

Every business needs a recruitment process to bring in new employees, as and when required. Some companies have a dedicated HR department to oversee this process, while many rely on a recruitment or staffing agency to handle their hiring needs.

Nevertheless, the recruitment process is not an easy affair as many perceive it to be; rather, it is lengthy and time-consuming. It starts with the sourcing of the CV and ends with giving away the appointment letter. Not just that, this process also demands the dedicated engagement of a considerable amount of time and effort.

So, to ease off the tedious recruiting process and make it streamlined and straightforward, more and more staffing agencies and HR departments of various companies are actively incorporating technology into their regular recruitment cycles. Software solutions can ease the workload significantly by handling a number of tasks for the recruitment agencies.

The technological solution most commonly used by a typical staffing agency is the Recruitment Management System (RMS). This system acts as a comprehensive platform, providing end-to-end solutions to all the recruitment needs of an organisation. It doesn’t just simplify recruitment; it also helps create and manage a database of overall candidates. This makes it easier to reconnect with any earlier candidate.

Let us check out why the staffing agency and recruitment agency in India need an efficient RMS.

Facilities provided by RMS staffing agencies

  • The RMS web portal can be easily embedded to the website of IT recruitment firms.
  • The data of all interested and qualifying candidates, including the CV, can be stored systematically in the RMS database.
  • It has an extensive workflow design, providing you with end-to-end solutions for all your recruitment needs.
  • IT recruitment firms can upload an advertisement for a vacant post on the company website with the help of RMS.
  • RMS also helps you efficiently handle and fill the vacant internal posts.
  • The database of RMS helps to shortlist the CVs efficiently as per the job role.
  • The RMS has an efficient system in place to separate the direct walk-in candidates from those who have come for an interview through staffing agencies and recruitment agencies.
  • RMS allows you to handle the referral-based recruitment process efficiently.
  • RMS helps you recruit or scout for candidates on various social networking sites.
  • It allows placement agencies and companies to highlight each vacancy and job role individually and can write a separate job description for each one of them.
  • RMS provides placement agencies with a separate section for the management of appointments and offers.
  • It supports cloud technology for organisations and temporary agencies.
  • RMS can manage the requirements in multiple offices spread across various locations.
  • The above are some of the facilities most commonly used by recruitment agencies to find that perfect candidate from the list of active job seekers.

Benefits of RMS

Apart from its various facilities, a temp agency can also enjoy the numerous benefits of RMS, which are:

Decreases your expenses: RMS helps reduce the expenses of job agencies to a great extent by creating an efficient database of ideal candidates that can be referred to and focusing more on hiring through referrals. These methods of recruitment cost less than the massive spends on advertisements and postings on various third party sites.

Helps with compliance: It helps employment agencies follow the best recruitment practices. RMS is an invaluable tool that protects and safeguards the brand of your company and enhances your value in the recruitment market. It helps you create and maintain a good reputation which will automatically attract top talent.

Efficient use of time: RMS allows employment agencies to manage and collate all their recruitment data tactically and efficiently. This saves significant time for you and your employees which can be utilised for other priority jobs. Additionally, the expected data can also be recovered anytime with efficiency.

Covers multiple locations: The RMS platform can be used by recruitment consultants at multiple offices across various locations. This simple system is efficient enough to handle the recruitment procedure of the many branches of the company with ease. Plus, the application can be used by a temp agency anytime from any office location to derive the desired hiring result.

It covers all recruitment processes: RMS can manage different recruitment processes for any recruitment agency in India. Be it internal vacancies, referral candidates, forced external applications and background checks, everything is handled in an integrated and efficient manner by the RMS. It can also notify you about the various responses received for your vacancy advertisements. Plus, job agencies have access to the latest recruitment reports, insights and hiring trends, which will help them with efficient hiring.

RMS technology is very user-friendly and can adapt to any type of recruitment consultant business. Moreover, it can immensely reduce your recruitment burden by bringing in a smooth workflow into your day to day HR processes.

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