Why Choose One Platform for Every Stage of Blue-Collar Workforce Management?

Companies are slowly waking up to the fact that their white-collar HRMS cannot fulfill the needs of their blue-collar workers. They need new strategies to engage and retain this workforce.

What also needs to be dwelt upon is the fact that as companies grow, they end up with multiple disparate systems. The lack of cross-functional systems is downright inefficient and frustrating. Difficulty in accessing and transferring records, redundancy, data errors, and general confusion leads to wastage of time and money. All these factors hold true for blue-collar workforce management systems as well.

Barriers To Attaining a Unified System and the Solution

When companies deal with siloed systems for onboarding, attendance, payroll, shift-planning, and so on, it becomes extremely cumbersome for administrators and leads to dissatisfaction among workers. Yet, there are formidable barriers to creating a unified system from a patchwork of technologies.

Companies might find specific vendors more specialised for a particular function. The same data might be in use among several departments, and some might need to be used by a specific group of authorised people. To deal with such issues, here are few qualities that a unified blue-collar workforce management platform needs to have:

High Configurability: The platform should be customisable to meet the needs of the business, with configurable product workflows. Distributed setups to handle custom employees and positions across different locations, along with customisable roles to share data across various stakeholders, are also important.
Vendor Inclusion: Smooth integration of vendor management across all touchpoints is vital. High level of integration with third-party service providers can be made possible through customisable APIs.
Single-Click Access: It should provide access to all parts of the workforce management system from a single place.
Centralised Management of Employee Data: Once an employee is onboarded, data should be recorded and updated consistently across all touchpoints.
AI-Based Insights: Machine learning-based predictive analytics can be immensely beneficial for data-driven decisions.
Embedded Compliance: Embedding of state and central government laws in all aspects of the platform can make life easier.
Multiple Interfaces: Accessibility of the platform across multiple interfaces, including the web, mobile apps, and WhatsApp can ease us of the features for all stakeholders.

Now, that we have a sense of what a blue-collar workforce system needs to look like, let’s understand various scenarios in which these functionalities become effective.

Hiring, Verification and Onboarding

Companies need streamlined recruitment processes to hire and onboard. Failure to do so can lead to a 23% year-on-year increase in the cost of hiring, and a 40% month-on-month attrition rate of qualified candidates. What if recruiters could access a large pool of pre-verified skilled talent on a single platform, while also being able to initiate customised hiring campaigns, process applications, set up interviews, and send notifications to candidates in real-time through AI-driven chat-bots?

Not only would this increase the efficiency of the process, but it would also elevate the job seekers’ experience. Once employee data is entered into the system, it becomes available to various departments in real-time. There is no need to go back and reconcile data across multiple systems, which reduces errors.

It also becomes possible for hirers to deploy training modules in easy-to-understand local languages. The new recruits can access training modules to familiarise themselves with the work culture, ethics and operations of the organisation. They are already used to apps on their mobile phone, so these training modules are easy to follow.

Job seekers can apply for positions at the hyperlocal levels, provide their credentials and contribute to the creation of a huge database of skilled workers that can be sought by various companies when needed. Another benefit of such a system is the ability of companies to avoid hiring black-listed workers or those with criminal records.

Attendance and Payroll Integration

Managing attendance and planning shifts for a huge, distributed workforce is a challenge. What is needed is a system that effortlessly plans shifts while considering leaves, region-specific holidays, overtimes, and other such factors for each employee. A system with embedded compliance can help manage the workforce at scale, wherever they are operating from. All this can be based on specific organisational requirements.

They can track and maintain employee data accurately. For instance, if a worker is unexpectedly absent, the information can be relayed to the concerned manager in real-time, so that the next steps can be taken. With the integration of the system with payroll management, wage calculation becomes easy, quick and fair. This helps in the timely disbursement of salaries.

Effortless data migration also improves the process. Previous rosters can be imported effortlessly, while instant generation of muster rolls, attendance reports, and payroll reports improves timelines.

Extending Social Security Benefits

A unified workforce management system, with easy integrations throughout the workflows, has all the needed data points in one place to help companies provide workers with various benefits like zero-balance bank accounts, personal loans, health insurance, and upskilling opportunities.

An intuitive interface and chatbot-based training modules can equip workers to deal with new technologies in the workplace. With an integrated system, companies can track the intent and performance of blue-collar workers in various courses. Based on these results, it might be possible for companies to integrate them in more value-creating roles or appoint them at supervisory levels.

In short, a single platform for the entire lifecycle of blue-collar workers can help companies boost workers’ morale and productivity. It also provides all tools and resources to drive business growth.

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