Efficient Ways For Employers to Improve Virtual Hiring

Many companies are eagerly adopting the virtual hiring process to source and hire new candidates for their job positions. With in-person interviews suspended, employers are trying hard to rope in more recent technologies to conduct smooth and effective virtual recruitment drives to find the best candidates. 

Things have changed drastically in the past year. The pandemic has forced many companies to rethink their hiring strategies. With most companies working remotely or from home, the hiring managers and recruiters have to develop new and innovative ways to hire new candidates for the organisation. One thing that has gained much importance and is the mainstay for many companies during this crisis is the virtual hiring process.

Many companies are eagerly adopting the virtual hiring process to source and hire new candidates for their job positions. With in-person interviews no longer possible, employers are trying hard to rope in more recent technologies to conduct smooth and effective virtual recruitment drives to find the best candidates.

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In this blog, we discuss the top tips that would help employers improve their virtual hiring processes and bring more efficiency into their recruitment drives.

  • Use appropriate tools

In this digital age, tech-savviness has become the focal point for companies, especially for the virtual hiring process. The pandemic has compelled companies to take their hiring process virtual, including virtual orientation and onboarding new employees.

While hiring managers expect new employees to get comfortable and settle into the virtual working environment, they also have to get accustomed to virtual hiring’s latest technological aspects.

Recruiters need to be updated about the major trends and practices in virtual recruitment. This includes installing suitable systems and tools to enable seamless virtual hiring. Moreover, recruiters need to learn how to use new technology installation to connect with the candidates.

They should be getting the hang of using various platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. Equipping the appropriate tools and indulging in the best recruitment practices ensures a smooth virtual hiring procedure for companies.

  • Ensure your activities are mobile optimised

Nowadays, almost everybody owns a smartphone and has access to high-speed internet connectivity. Therefore, companies need to make their tools, websites, portals and applications optimised for mobile phones. This will enable companies to connect with more candidates and engage with them in a much better way. In this digital age, companies and recruiters cannot afford to miss.

According to the latest data, almost 57% of candidates apply for jobs on their mobile phones. Moreover, more than 81% of job seekers search for jobs on their mobile phones. These numbers cannot be neglected.

Therefore, companies need to ensure that their online presence is optimised for mobile users. Moreover, companies should provide a better experience to the candidates that land on their websites or visit their applications to make the job application.

  • Create a structure

It is vital to structure the hiring process, especially when hiring virtually. A proper hiring structure will help recruiters understand the appropriate recruiting process. Moreover, it will also help keep the candidates engaged with the company during virtual hiring.

A proper system allows you to communicate with the candidate in a much better way. So, the candidate knows their position in the hiring process.

Companies can use the ATS or Applicant Tracking System software to structure their virtual recruiting process properly. ATS can bring more efficiency to your virtual hiring process and save you time as well as the time of the candidates. The main objectives of the ATS are to allow hiring managers and recruiters to go live and interact with the candidates, take interviews and conduct a practical assessment. An adequate ATS will help the organisation effectively manage the numerous job applications and various virtual recruitment processes.

  • Use more video

According to an almost survey by a significant online job portal, nearly 81% of recruiters and hiring managers said they want to use the video feature more often in their recruitment processes. They believe that young job seekers prefer using video in virtual hiring as well as the job search process. Young job seekers want to engage with employers more through video communication. A few of the examples are as follows:

    • Video job descriptions
    • Video call interactions with recruiters and hiring managers during the virtual interview process
    • Video featuring the recruiter describing or explaining the job advertisement
    • Job application submission through video

As the world’s recent happenings have displayed, physical communication is not feasible. Organisations that quickly shift to hiring activities through video can keep up with requirements despite the change in outdoor conditions.

  • Conduct more virtual interviews

A video interview, also called the virtual interview, is essentially an interview that happens virtually with video technology. Unlike the typical in-person interview, in the virtual interview, the interviewer and the interviewee meet effectively with video applications for the interview.

Employers need to use appropriate video conferencing platforms to conduct proper virtual interviews. Moreover, they should encourage the candidates to arrange suitable systems and internet connectivity to ensure the interview’s smooth conduct.

A virtual consultation is a great way to evaluate the candidates’ skills and abilities. Virtual interviews, when done appropriately, can bring more efficiency into the interview process.

  • Use the online platforms

Another effective way to spruce and hire candidates virtually is to use online platforms effectively. Apart from the official website, recruiters and hiring managers can utilise the service of online job portals, online recruitment platforms and different social media tools to source and hire candidates.

Nowadays, multiple online hiring platforms allow employers to connect with the candidate virtually, take interviews, and hire candidates.

Recruiters could also effectively use the vast outreach of the social media platforms to source candidates and engage them with the company. Moreover, an active social media presence will also help boost the employer brand, attracting more candidates for the interview process.

To recruit entry-level positions, employers can actively use the social media network to connect with the young population and advertise their job openings. This way, employers can gain maximum attention from social media users.

  • Create a strong employer brand

To conduct successful viral hiring, it is essential to create a people employer brand online for your online audience. With most job seekers etching for jobs online, it has become more crucial to attract eligible candidates for the job positions.

Employers can effectively use the social media platform to project themselves as a reliable brand and the market leader in the industry. Moreover, you need to keep your website and other online channels up to date.

Candidates can then visit your site and various online resources to get favourable information about the company’s job positions. Recruiters can share multiple blogs, articles and insights on the industry that would help project the company as a reliable and credible company with in-depth knowledge about the market, which would inevitably attract the best candidates for the open job positions.

Virtual hiring has become the most significant part of many companies’ recruitment process. Therefore, it is essential to enhance and improve the systems and technologies to ensure better and more efficient hiring drives.

Companies need to significantly improve their technologies and ensure that their hiring teams and recruiters are provided with adequate knowledge and resources to conduct effective virtual hiring processes. To access the best recruitment services, contact us at BetterPlace.

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