6 Latest Trends in Resume Making 2020

As an employer looking to hire people in your company, you will have to view the resumés of active job seekers. This will help you shortlist the right candidate as per their skills and experience and call them for an interview. During the sourcing process, you would come across various resumés — long ones, short ones, elaborate ones, crisp ones, colourful ones and confusing ones.

Sometimes, you may even receive queries as to how to make a resume. It helps to answer this question for them as you employ considerable resources to search through the heaps of CVs to find the right candidates. Once the candidates master this art, your work simplifies.

The resumé may be the most important document for the job seeker, but an employer is the one who has to go through it and read its contents when on a hiring spree. You will find some resumés extremely attractive and engaging even though their skills may not match your requirements.

Whereas, you may find some resumés so lengthy that they bore you into stop reading further, notwithstanding the outstanding skills and experience they flaunt. And finally, some resumés are so confusing that you could not discover a single significant piece of information about the applicant’s qualifications and expertise even after reading through the document more than once.

Nowadays, technology has streamlined even the process of shortlisting resumés. You can take advantage of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter and screen applications as per your requirements before forwarding the resumé to your hiring manager. This way, you can make the process more efficient and the job seekers more aware of which types of resumé will find better views and attract attention.

So, let us discuss the six latest resumé trends that an employer recommends to active job seekers and will teach you how to make a resume for better results.

Quantify the achievements

This is a vital resume trend that you should highlight to your prospective candidates. The employer perceives the resumé as any other activity document. They won’t spend enough time on it if they don’t find the required information within the first few seconds of their reading.

As an employer, you must have experienced this problem of not finding the relevant details. So, you can ask the candidates to quantify their achievements so that the hiring managers can properly understand their skills and accomplishments. This will let the candidates know how to prepare a resume. And it will help you shortlist them in a better way.

Highlight technology skills

You can recommend your candidates to highlight their technology skills so that you can save it in your database for future use. Technical skills are usually an add-on and are not required if the role the candidate is applying for is not a technical one. But some additional knowledge is always handy. You may not need it now, but this information will help you review these candidates later when you may have a suitable vacant position.

Showcase soft skills

Soft skills are a critical aspect of recruitment and a fundamental resume trend that will rule 2020. As an employer, you should not ignore the mention of soft skills as a requirement in the job posting, since they will help you understand the temperament of the candidate. An ideal candidate must possess soft skills, such as emotional intelligence, adaptability, collaboration, persuasion and creativity.

You must recommend active job seekers to showcase their soft skills in the resumé. This will teach them how to prepare a resume effectively. Plus, this will help you shortlist candidates efficiently as per their qualities.

Use dynamic verbs

This is one resume trend that employers must recommend to active job seekers. Using dynamic verbs will teach them how to create a resume that stands out from others. Dynamic action verbs are a great way to demonstrate and describe how effective are the skills and expertise of a candidate.

Moreover, the candidate should also make use of them while describing their work experience and their notable milestones. Many candidates, however, don’t focus much on using dynamic words — they prefer to keep it simple and generic, resulting in a clichéd and dull resumé. Only when a recruiter looks for these skills, will the candidates understand the true importance of dynamic verbs to garnish their resumé and learn how to make a CV that is truly impressive.

Link social media accounts

Social media plays a major role in our daily lives, and the ideal candidate should provide links to their social media pages, blogs or personal sites, and even online portfolios. This information will help you know more about their nature, apart from their professional skills and experience. You must highlight this resume trend on your job listing and advertisements for all active job seekers.

A candidate learning how to make a resume for the first job should include their social media links that portray their personality and expertise (e.g. Linkedin) for the posting. Once a candidate comes to know that you want links to their social media accounts, they tailor it to fit your needs, but you can still get a decent sense of them by looking at their online profile on these platforms. They are a great way to discover your ideal candidate.

Create a concise resume

Finally, the most important resume trend that you should notify all candidates about is that it should be clear and concise. Some candidates, especially those who make a resume for the first job, feel the need to compensate for their lack of experience by including irrelevant events from their college days. Lengthy resumés more often fail to communicate and highlight the right message. As a result, the resumé of the candidate gets ignored in favour of a more crisp and concise CV, even though the candidate had better skills and expertise.

When you highlight this trend, you actually teach them how to make a resume for a job that proves to be helpful to the hiring managers. Job seekers will take notice of this requirement and will accordingly post concise resumés. This will also help you make your shortlisting process efficient and quick.

These six resume trends will rule the job market in 2020 and will teach active jobs seekers how to make a biodata. You must convey these requirements in your job listings and advertisements to receive concise, informative and dynamic resumés from active job seekers.

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