3 Ways HR Tech Boosts Your Employee Experience

“Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret.”
                                                                                                                         – Mary Kay Ash.

Appreciating and valuing blue-collar workers can make a significant difference to your business. They start exhibiting better productivity which leads to improved customer service that ultimately boosts brand recognition and revenue. Blue-collar workers are the backbone of labour-intensive industries like construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and warehousing. About 500 million workers are categorised as blue-collar in India. They are vital for achieving the country’s vision of a $5 trillion economy.

HR technology, when used properly, can improve the employee experience. Invest in a powerful blue-collar HRMS that offers upskilling opportunities, on-boarding, payroll automation and insurance benefits to frontline workers. It is because they deserve the same benefits as white-collar workers to enhance job satisfaction. After all, these blue-collar workers were the ones who braved infection risks amid the pandemic to ensure business continuity. Here’s how HR software can help.

1. Robust Employee Upskilling

Employee upskilling has dual benefits. While it equips your business with a pipeline of skilled talent, it can also help blue-collar workers get promoted to higher positions for career growth. Workers will be able to grasp complex concepts and hone their skills at AI, ML, and data analytics which is critical since the nature of their jobs is getting tech-driven now. This can help them earn higher wages while you flourish as a business by closing skill gaps and maximising ROI.

Companies like Ola, Uber, and Zomato have already been providing training to their employees to handle app-based operations. You too can optimise technology to improve the employee experience. Start with integrating customised and competency-based software that ensures better learning efficacy with real-time data to drive your organisation towards success. The best micro-learning platform is the one that offers a multilingual gamified education solution, gathers employee feedback, and plans and assesses training programs with the latest tools.

2. Automated Attendance Management

Manual systems have room for error and risk of discrepancies in record-tracking. There could be inconsistencies in data entry like duplicate or inaccurate data. Gathering information about the blue-collar team can also be delayed. Further, it may be non-compliant with the labour laws of different regions of the country. No real-time reports often lead to highly inefficient management while ultimately impairing the employee experience.

Well-designed HRMS software is the best use of technology to improve employee experience. It has futuristic capabilities to track attendance better and reduce admin hours. This saves you both time and money. You can customise the logs with a dashboard that offers facial recognition and a geofencing system to avoid absenteeism. Managers can also enjoy seamless monitoring and management of shifts.

3. Payroll System

Blue-collar workers usually have acute financial needs. Over two-thirds of India’s frontline employees earn less than ₹15,000 per month. In fact, women made 19% less than their male counterparts. So, disruptions like payment delays, missing payments, or lack of performance-based incentives might be quite a trouble for blue-collar workers.

Payroll software can offer complete visibility and transparency in wages. It can process payroll in compliance with statutory regulations. HRs can map a salary template for employees based on job profile, vendor, or location. The entire system is automated for timely and accurate payments. Daily or monthly salary structures can be set up. Pre-defined wage components can be added to create customised payment calculation mechanisms. HRs can run the payroll with zero fuss to enhance employee loyalty and retention.

In Conclusion

Blue-collar workers are the foundation of most industries. They have the power to directly influence your market reputation and income. Put the above-discussed tips into action if you have been wondering how to improve employee experience. They will deliver better outcomes thus impacting production and profit positively.

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